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Grey's Anatomy 2.16 "It's the End of the World" [Part 1]

I kept seeing the ads during the Super Bowl and was like, "What the frell is a code black?"  Like is it a bomb?  And in attempting to find out more, I learned Christina Ricci was guesting, and I like her.  Further digging gave me an episode title including a Part 1.  Cunning plan on their part, but annoying for viewers who don't intend to get into the show.  I came this close to just saying "I'm not gonna watch."

Episode Notes from tv.com:
Because this episode is set to air after the Super Bowl it is very likely that it will air after 10:01pm EST.

The game actually ended right around 10pm, but then there's postgame.  My dad said the postgame would last at least 20 minutes, but I'm perenially early, so I turned on the tv early and lo, George's shower femslash fantasy.

"Next time you clog up the toilet, learn to use a plunger.  Or we'll make you crap in the backyard."

I called that the promo
Cristina: You have a feeling?
Meredith: Yes.
Cristina: Ok, what kind of feeling?
Meredith: Like I might die.
was about a relationship issues.  And I haven't even been watching the show.

Your McLife?  You do realize how ridiculous that sounds, right?  I mean, fast food anyone?  And who decided to call him McDreamy anyway?  Like how do you get that from "Derek Shepherd"?  It sounds ridiculous.

I misheard "I can't remember the last time we kissed." as something like "I can't remember the last time I got kissed" and was like, "Dude, Cristina, kiss her and be done with it."

"Do I look calm, to you?"

♥ Christina Ricci :)

And screaming like that for 15-20 minutes?  Not exactly a shock reaction I think of but, um, okay.

"4½ hours . . ."
"Bailey's back."

I was right!  tv.com said "A real bad case arrives at the O.R. that might endanger all the lives of the people working there." and I wondered if it was some super contagious disease, and with Meredith's "I have a feeling" opening scene I was wondering if like an uber-flu was going around (watching the opening scene I was thinking of how flus have been going around so many people I know).  But I was right that code black = bomb (essentially).

"Was there an explosion?" And I love Alex running through the hospital.  "You're in my OR."  "You want to talk to me, Dr. Burke."

Having sex in a semi-public space does not make you a doer, Izzie.  8 months and 12 days or no.

"The chief of surgery doesn't scare me.  Dr. Bailey scares me."
I know there is lots of McDreamy hate, but I love him for this.

Head of Bomb Squad Guy is the guy from Early Edition!  His name (Kyle Chandler) hadn't clicked when I saw the tv.com listings.

"pink mist"?  You are so not helping.
"Here, hold this."  zomg!  You are not gonna do this!  She's been a paramedic two weeks.  She just got out of school a month ago.  [P.S. 22 years old? I'm 22 years old.]  "I've got kids."  I hope you end up with live ammo in your gut and you blow up!  Because you are a horrible horrible man!  Yes I am screaming.

I had been thinking earlier, "Could someone put their hand in and hold it and thus let Hannah take her hand out without having any moments of nonpressure?"  But I figured that would be too high-risk.  So when Hannah ran off (and dude, props to her for lasting like 5 times as long as Dr. Milton, since she'd had her hand in there since the ambulance) I thought "Whoa, one in a bajillion odds that it didn't blow up" and then we pan and zoom and Meredith (she's a doer) has her hand in there and I remember her holding Hannah's arm and I realize what happened.  And I had been hoping it was Izzie redeeming herself (in surgical scrubs and all I hadn't quite noticed just who was there) and was a little sad 'cause it made her feel a touch Mary-Sue-ish to me. [Edit: Though hey, her theme this episode seemed to be, "I think I might die today," and I can dig a at-peace-with-mortality thing, though having it come as part of a post-breakup funk knocks it down a whole lotta pegs for me.]
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