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CSI 6.15 "Pirates of the Third Reich"

You know, I keep talking about how I've missed the Lady Heather episodes as if there were a whole arc, but prior to this one she was only in two eps:  "Slaves of Las Vegas" (2001) 2.08; and "Lady Heather's Box" (2003) 3.15.

I saw the ad last week and was like, "Lady Heather has a daughter?"  I mean okay, there's Susie Bright, but still.
tv.com says "Lady Heather's estranged daughter is found murdered in the desert."  I guess "estranged" is an easy way to account for her having never been mentioned before.

[Sidenote: tv.com says of Melinda Clarke, "She is best friends with Hudson Leick" RPF-ers, go!]

"Due to Mature Theme, Viewer Discretion Is Advised."

Brass: Jesus fasted in the desert.
Grissom: Yeah, but he had a choice.

Grissom: Yeah, David. All we are is...
Brass: ...dust in the wind.

Brass: bald, emaciated, and branded [19]
     And I remembered the episode title (which had made me go "wtf" when I originally read it).

"So, sexual no . . . offensive, yeah."

Captain Jack.  *thinks of Paige*  *secondarily, recalls episode title again*

"I think he's been lobotomized."
     Is it bad that my first thought was of that scene in From Hell?

Zoe Kessler

Brass: Nothing sounds good in German.

Catherine: How'd she go from Harvard to here?
Grissom: How'd you know she went to Harvard?
Catherine: Lady Heather told me.  She was very proud.

Lady Heather doesn't strike me as the sharing type, and her reaction to Grissom later implies she hasn't been interviewed yet, so how did she have a conversation with Catherine?

Lady Heather: May I touch her?  [...]  This required skill, and the infliction of pain.  [...]  Can you tell if she's ever given birth?

Such an amazing set of lines (though the birth reference was wtf-y at the time).

When Grissom first encounters Lady Heather in this episode he looks so grizzled with the facial hair.

Was Cath wearing jeans?

Grissom: "Left early" seems to be a euphemism.

Lab girl: I'd rather starve to death than chew off my own hand.
Nick: Animals in traps do it all the time.
Lab girl: You think she was trapped?
Nick: Like a rat.

Allusion to the sleep studies?  Allusion to the fact that he knows what it's like to be trapped for sure.

That many people to search for a hand?  Lady Heather may be a friend of Grissom's, but you're treading on WaT level suspension of disbelief here, people.

"Why would someone have plants that smell like rotting flesh?"
"Trying to cover up the real deal."

Lady Heather: I have found that people who tear pages out of books have little respect for keeping things whole.

Such a shivery layered line, and it makes me sad that I don't have the exact quote.

Lady Heather to Grissom: You forfeited the right to give me advice some time ago.

Spit and string?  Way to go telling people how to take pages out of books.

Lady Heather: People have had sex for far less worthy causes.

Grissom: Revenge is an act of passion.

Code 4?  What does that mean?  (I mean, from context it obviously means something like, "All clear; it's safe.")

The conjoined twins?  I shuddered at that.  Way more shocking than the werewolf episode.  (And not just because I cut my fannish teeth on BtVS; I've seen/read actual nonfiction about hypertrichosis.)  Yes I'm still bitter about the "zomg shocking" way they advertised that episode.

The image of Zoe chewing off her own hand to escape?  Ew.  Also, if you don't have carnivore teeth like wild animals, how do you manage to get through the bone?  (I remembered Lady Heather saying something like, "I know it couldn't have been easy with a mother like me, but above all else I taught her to be independent and empowered," and I thought, "She would be proud to know her daughter chewed off her own hand to escape this.")

When Grissom saw Lady Heather's necklace (which is a black cross and resembles a rosary; discuss) I thought she was a victim and recalled how throughout the episode I kept thinking she was gonna get killed, even though I didn't think they would kill off such a fan favorite character.

And when he went to the desert I remembered the clip from the promo of him yelling "Heather!" and also remembered her saying earlier that she wanted the man who did this to die the way her daughter had.

zomg yum dom boots

And it's interesting that she's using the tools of her trade in this.  I mean, it makes sense given her trade, but it's also interesting for the contrasts -- this is pain with no pleasure on the part of the one one whom the pain is being inflicted, and of course we recall her earlier line "This required skill, and the infliction of pain" and how that so evocatively spoke to the ways that the situation struck close to home for her in a multiplicity of ways, and of course the issue of the loss of control.

Grissom: Heather, I'm saying stop.

Sounds like safeword language.

[tv.com says, "This is a reference to a previous episode when Lady Heather told Grissom that he could alway say stop."]

(Oh, and for the record, maybe it's just because I haven't seen the previous episodes, but while I think Grissom really "gets" Lady Heather in a lot of ways, I didn't read their relationship/interaction as sexual at all in this episode.)

Edit: My dad commented about Sparks being near Reno, but I know almost nothing about Nevada geography so it didn't really register with me. A tv.com commenter said, "Sparks is just east of Reno on I80, roughly 400 miles from Las Vegas, at least an 8 hour drive." [The episode talked about the body being found in the desert just off Route 55 near Sparks.]

What's up with all the Network Television Premiere of action movies?  Oh yeah, February sweeps.

No teaser.  tvguide.com/listings says next week is a rerun: "Secrets and Flies."  I even
saw that one (6.06).
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