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Without a Trace 4.15 "The Stranger"

The painting with the cloth and the red was kinda creepy after CSI.

"I'm really sorry about this morning, sweetie."
You call her "sweetie," Jack?  That sounds so wrong.

Pete: It's not for me.
Leah: But someday it will be.  And the beautiful girl on the other side will be sent home.
Pete: Fine, no grandkids for you.

Vivian: Must be a lot of Mr. Stacey's.

When they were talking about plates and the photo guy said "9 affairs to go" I remembered the minister's line about her needing a purpose.

Jack: Serial killers get bored -- which is usually why they get caught.

Jack: Are we done?
Oh the misleading promos.  You're not breaking up with Anne, you're just pissed that she's cutting in on your investigation.

blue ladybug earrings -- he gave her jewelry from the women he killed!

Oh, and him squickily talking about the animals as "she," I thought she was wigging 'cause she thought he was having affairs, but he was killing women . . . and coming home all horny.  Ew.

"Honey and the Moon" by Joseph Arthur.  I remember a Wes/Lilah vid to that song.

Jack was so awkward with the door, opening/holding it for Anne.  I mean, it was cute that he was trying, but like it was so obvious that it is so not him.

Also: I so think she's guilt rebounding.

tvguide.com/listings says next week's ep is "Honor Bound," which I've seen (4.05), so that means I could actually go to bed at a sane hour next Thursday.
Tags: tv: without a trace, tv: without a trace (s4)

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