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Grey's Anatomy 2.17 "(As We Know It)" [Part 2]

Aww, look at them pun.

Anyway, the episode itself.  The short version is: I am so at peace with my decision to not watch this show regularly.  Last week I was all impressed, and this week not so much.  Plus (and really, more importantly) I don't much care for the characters.

When Dr. Burke says "I don't wanna be the guy who gets us all killed," Derek has this look like, "We could all die?  This is news to me."  I can't imagine that's how his look was supposed to read, so I was a bit confused.

"velcroing a flak jacket to my boobs"
If that proximity leads to "pink mist" I'm unclear as to how a flak jacket will really help (best case scenario it saves your vital organs, but I don't wanna live limbless and what about your head anyway?).

Dr. Burke to Cristina: "I cannot do this with you in here.  I cannot think."
Ah, reasons why intraoffice relationships are bad.

"build me an OR, get me a helicopter and fly me to any OR in the city" -Addison

"Good, because I'm very competitive." -Meredith

main oxygen line.  Oh, that's why he wanted the blueprints.  I had actually been surprised ever since they evacuated the OR that they hadn't evacuated the whole hospital 'cause I was like, "Won't it blow the whole place up?"  I mean, I guess a bazooka only does so much damage.

You insist on helping Derek 'cause . . . your boyfriend is in harm's way and you need to be in the area in case he blows up?  I don't quite know your logic, but I'm actually willing to validate your insistence on helping Dr. Shepherd.  However, you get distracted watching the bombgurney go by when he's asking you for something and you split?  This bothers me a lot, and I blame my inability to articulate why on my tiredness.  Also: how the frell do you think you're gonna help anyway?  There is no purpose in your rushing outside to watch them.

"And most importantly, I really have to pee." -Meredith
Love that.  Go realism.

Meredith: "Dr. Burke loves you."
Cristina: "Everybody's got problems."
Meredith: "Are you gonna say it back to him?"
Cristina: "No.  He didn't say it to me, he said it to sleeping me.  Besides, he might blow up."
Meredith: "Excellent point."

"You had to say you were gonna die today."
Cristina: Meredith: "I told you."

Dude, Cristina, recently I was reading this article and taking issue with its defense of social niceties lies and even I supported your "How's the paramedic?" "She's hanging in there."  Why did you tell him that Meredith had her hand on the bomb?  Especially after we saw how well Dr. Burke dealt with the woman he loves being in harm's way.

That said, Bailey's husband suddenly flatlining (or whatever) as soon as Derek gets that news?  Way too much.  And then he stabilizes when Meredith's safe.  Plus of course as soon as Dylan was like "pretend I'm someone you like" we called that she would imagine Derek.  So yeah, all that?  Way too mystical connecty for me.

I did love that "no longer inside me" plays right as Meredith takes the bazooka out.

And, um, given that it was all too magical (I had difficulty expecting Bailey's husband to die 'cause I didn't think they'd do her as a single mother -- nevermind the grieving process -- though I didn't mind the classic "baby being born as other people nearly die" intercutting) I kind of expected the bomb guy to die 'cause it would have been too pat to have everything end happily.  But I was still surprised.  And sad.  'Cause . . . Kyle Chandler.  (And also because by rights the thing should have blown up a dozen times before.)

Aww, Dr. Burke calling him "Derek."  Nice.

"Where is she?" -Derek
I was actually surprised that the guy thought he meant his wife.  I mean, it's not like she had been in any danger.  Nice touch with Adele knowing whom he meant.

[After the show, my mother asked, "And do we know why he went back to her?"  Before the show, she pointed out that no one answered my question in my last post about how he got to be called "McDreamy."]

Oh god, she's covered in blood.  Which makes perfect sense of course, but it hadn't actually occurred to me.  And wow that is wiggy.
Oh, the shower.  I actually expected the episode to end there, with the mirroring of the way the Part 1 had opened.  (And was thus was additionally annoyed at how vague it was that Bailey's husband had come through 'cause I wanted assurance/closure.)

"I can't remember the last time we kissed."
As soon as she said that to him I was waiting for him to tell her the last time.
And as soon as he said her hair smelled like flowers I was waiting for her to tell him what kind of flowers.

Oh, and while I don't entirely buy Bailey conceding to it, I loved George being all "I expected better from you."  Also, I totally validated her "This baby is not being born today," but, the baby could go into distress and die?  I'm not a doctor so it's okay that I don't know these things, but I dislike her complete refusal to accept that fact.  (Yes, this is where everybody who has ever known me whales on me for my whole "People should be logical and consistent" ideals.)
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