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Tomorrow is St. Claude la Colombière.

8 hours of sleep last night.  Not so much happening tonight, huh?
I'm definitely fighting off a cold, but I think I'll win.

The AvonWalk commercial or whatever it is The Breast Cancer 3-Day commercial has one bald woman, and Mary Alice commented on how great she looks and she mentioned how Natalie Portman was bald in some role and looked great and I suggested V for Vendetta and she didn't know but IMDb-ing afterward I was right.  And I totally knew this thanks to your icon.

At dinner tonight my dad was talking about how hybrids that look funny sell well but hybrid SUVs that look like regular SUVs don't sell at all 'cause so much of the point of getting a hybrid is being able to advertise the fact that one drives a hybrid, and driving and SUV is totally anithetical to that image.

I watched snippets of the Olympic skating with my mom tonight.  Including a guy of whom I had seen icons earlier in the week
- female announcer on Stefan Lindemann [German]: "used up a lot of energy, but didn't earn any points; movement for movement's sake." me: "isn't there a choreography section of the scoring or something?"
- female announcer praising Matt Savoie's costume: "figure skating can have some pretty frightening costumes"
- Brian Joubert [France], 007: male announcer: "he's like a soccer player doing ballet, we just don't see it like we do Yevgeny Plushenko and Johnny Weir," female announcer: "his choreography is trite."  Then at the end, the male announcer said "he has a movie star presence on the ice, but he doesn't take advantage of it."  I really had no problem with his program -- though I did notice the the choppy camera transitions.  And then we went to commercial without seeing his results, which irked me.
- Everytime someone fell the announcers were all "This is so horrible for them/their score," which of course is true, but I began thinking, "Well, if they all fall" 'cause we didn't see anyone who didn't fall during their program.  I guess the really good people got shown earlier in the evening, but it was still weird.
- Near the end they had a backstage camera on Johnny Weir (I think he was leaving) and he looked right at the camera and did this little shrug/shoulder roll thing and I thought of the threads here about male queerness as evidenced by certain kinds of performativity.

Amazon's having a 4-for-3 promotion on select titles -- though you still have to have specifics in mind or a lot of free time 'cause SFF is 220 pages and Teens is 179.  On the bottom of the Teens page?  Elmo Loves You (Big Bird's Favorites Brd Bks) (Board book) / by Sarah Albee, Maggie Swanson (Illustrator)

I feel like I should have more anecdotes, but today was a slow day.

Joy, however.  Got an e-mail, subject line: The Beauty in the Stones.  Body text: "Hey. I just read this and I had to let you know that is was one of the sweetest things I've ever read. // Sorry to bother you."

My cunning plan for V-Day was to just ignore it, but clearly that hasn't happened.  [Though I was amused to realize as I walked into work that my all-black outfit could have been construed as a statement on the day.  It was honestly just because I had a meeting and think black looks professional; plus I like that outfit.]

"Valentine" by the Get Up Kids [sing365.com lyrics here] came up on random on my WinAmp and I thought I'd share for anyone who's feeling bitter.  And then "You Are My Joy" by Reindeer Section [stlyrics.com lyrics here] came up, so I'm sharing that, too, for those who are happily partnered.

Cat, this made me think of you.

Linda's from Arizona and said when she didn't feel like celebrating Valentine's Day she would celebrate Arizona's statehood instead.  I meant to e-mail Nao 'cause of that.

2 years; wow.

via illiterate, hp_hardcore valentines (and from 2005).  Much with the squicky, though I find some of them fabulous.

via wisdomeagle: a fabulous V-Day card (because of the surprise object of the letter)

Also: linguist valentines (via sineala)

I realized as the train pulled into my home station that I could have gotten flowers for my mom.  My brother sent her an e-card, though.  At least one of us wins :)
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