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Fantastic Four (2005)

Thursday night’s CSI and Without a Trace were reruns I’d seen ("Secrets and Flies" 6.06 and "Honor Bound" 4.05, respectively), so I watched Fantastic Four with my mom. When I was at the library last Saturday, Terry asked me if I’d seen it; he’d checked it out but watched it on his lunch so I was free to have it until the next Saturday.

Amusingly, I pulled up amazon.com Monday night it recommended me Fantastic Four because I had purchased Firefly and Serenity. (A while back it recommended Mirrormask to me for the same reason; and recently it also recommended Beast Machines Transformers: The Complete Series to me because I’d bought Gargoyles - The Complete First Season [for a friend, though I have no shame about my enjoyment of that show].)

I always think of Gillian’s ponderments as to why the suddenly superpowered always use their powers for the greater good when I think of this movie. I actually think the story has a decent representation.

Reed's a scientist with minimal social skills (witness his lust after the astrosuits in the face of Jessica Alba in one of said suits) and he's all concerned with learning more about their mutations and worried about them worsening and working to get them reversed -- especially for his best friend.

Ben just wants to go home to his wife (who is a shallow snit -- lame; though ♥ Alicia). And after she rejects him he sulks, and he's so clueless about how he's scaring the suicidal guy.

Johnny remains just as he was -- using his powers to have fun and get girls. (Sidenote: IRL Johnny would drive me up a wall, and he did piss me off in the beginning, but after he got his powers I really enjoyed him.)

Victor is preoccupied with his company and once he realizes his power he goes about getting himself revenged on everybody.

And okay, Sue remains ridiculously attached to Reed. I would have been more willing to concede that if I saw any reason why (I did like that was completely obvious that there was no "her and Victor") but it was all tell and no show.

The biggest suspension of disbelief for me was their powers. What kind of DNA mutation lets you create forcefields, or fly?
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