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CSI rerun: "The Finger" (2.14)

[twiztv.com transcript]

"Mr. Logan, would you like an escort to your car?"
     I love that they offer you an escort when you're hauling that kind of cash.

CATHERINE:  I'm also going to need you to strip.
(CATHERINE looks down at ROY LOGAN.  ROY LOGAN looks over at GRISSOM.  GRISSOM shrugs.)
GRISSOM:  Vegas.
     Love Grissom's look/shrug.

Icing the finger I was thinking "standard procedure [and yes I totally flashed Firefly "War Stories"] though it's gotta be too late to reattach," but handing it off to Sara? Way to go.

You agree to mark the bills?  They always ask for unmarked bills in the movies.  Aren't you worried that they'll check, get pissed, and kill Amanda?

As soon as I saw the bunny suit get out of the car I thought, "Donnie Darko!"

ROY LOGAN: I-I don't think I can face my wife right now.
CATHERINE:  This town is full of hotels.

NICK:  Blood pool here.  Spatter all the way to the bird.  Birds have blood feathers and flight feathers.  Flight feathers don't bleed.  No capillaries, just cartilage.
CATHERINE:  And you know this from ... ?
NICK: Discovery channel.

Greg's hair, wtf?

NICK: You know that treating the surface with a carpet cleaner only pushes the dirt further down?

CATHERINE:  Amanda broke the only rule.  Don't call the missus.
NICK:  Now he really has a problem. 
WARRICK:  Two problems.  His wife is going to leave him, take half his money and he was going to jail.
SARA:  You got to admit, his solution was ingenious.

ROY LOGAN:  You know, with all that money on my lap we could've driven to Mexico.
CATHERINE:  That's right.  You're short one mistress.  I got to hand it to you that was a brilliant performance.  But then again, any man who juggles a wife and mistress and god knows what else has to be a pro.
ROY LOGAN:  I don't know.  You get so used to lying you figure, what's one more?
CATHERINE:  Try explaining that to your son.
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