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House 2.13 "Skin Deep"

My dad doesn't always fail at television. He knew in time to watch it that House was a new episode, special night and time (8/7c), tonight.

Having never seen an episode full-through, I thought I really should since the flist is so in love.

I didn't have a notebook on me, though, so I have by now forgotten a bunch of the things I wanted to comment on.

Stuff I do remember:

Foremost is that damn House is a bastard. I mean, I get that he's a genius, but brushing off patients like he does and everything is just so not how things are supposed to be run in a hospital.

I remember LJ being in an uproar over House joking about being gay in a recent(ish) episode, and I couldn't help but feel like his thing with the supermodel was the writers' way of saying "No, he's straight, really." She's not even that pretty I didn't think, so it was extra irksome.

"The twins are real. Chase owes me."

I heart Chase's Australian accent.

"You're just scared of House."
"There is that, too."

And I just want to cuddle Cameron.

The first episode of House I saw any of was 1.07 "Fidelity" and I just couldn't handle the sledgehammer message of "People lie" [too cynical for me? scary, huh?] and this episode reminded me so much of that episode -- the bad options for treatment, not being able to treat until you have a diagnosis, people refusing to admit to the bad things they've done.

Way to go with the manipulative 15-year-old. There wasn't enough buildup for me to actually believe she would do that, though.
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