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Olympics: pairs ice dancing (night 3/3) free skate portion

After House, back to the Olympics.

I got spoiled by nbc.com's prominent placement of results and ended up having to resort to GoogleNews anyway to find out whether the Canadians were skating. (They withdrew 3 hours before performance.)

Les Mis montage!
I loved this. My favorite of the whole night and certainly the one I'm gonna remember. ♥
(First place standing 'cause they're the first of the night.)

Silverstein & O'Meara
black costumes with red, skating to "New(?) Tango"
They moved into first place. I'm honestly not sure they deserved to beat the French pair.

Melissa Gregory & Denis Petukhov -- the "they met online" couple
skating to Romeo and Juliet. He in purple, she in pink.
jumped into first place by a significant margin it seemed to me

[slalom interlude]

Russian Federation:
Oksana & Maxim
"Waltz of the Spirits"
yellow costumes
very young
My dad pointed out that if you start with the less good participants, everyone gets to have their moment of being in first place.

Phantom of the Opera
first place

Barbara Fusar-Poli and Maurizio Margaglio
nice costumes
Prince of Egypt
And they finally kiss and make up at the end.

She in gold (an an outfit reminiscent of the ones from last night; I had been really pleased by the classiness of the costumes tonight, and actually didn't particularly dislike this one), he in blue (skirt over pants).
announcer: Torville&Dean got perfect marks (6.0) across the board for artistry. How do you top that?
Okay, I get that if you're gonna do something that's already iconic you have to really be amazing, but to say that if you're gonna sing the Star-Spangled Banner you need to be Whitney Houston and not Roseanne Barr was a harsh (and uncalled for) comparison.
3rd place

Grushina and Goncharov
dancing to Peter Gabriel's "The Feeling Begins."
white outfits. what up with hers? like a stripper outfit with the tassles on the boobs
female announcer: "daring" outfit, "pushing the envelope"
Apparently the outfits must be athletic in nature though they can express the character of the dance.
first place

Russian Federation:
Navka & Kostomarov
dancing to Carmen?
first place

Denkova & Staviyski
matching outfits (black&red) save he had pants underneath his skirt; even their blond hair matched
third place

Belbin & Agosto
dancing to "a selection of flamenco rhythms" I still dislike the flouncy bits of her outfit, though. (And afterward I noticed some bright magenta strips, what up?)
needed 102.76 for first and got 98.17, putting them in second place [the second U.S. ice dancing medal ever and the first in 30 years]

interlude: the Russians on mats. "confidence or zen" an announcer queries. "exhaustion" was my answer.

Delobel & Schoenfelder
dancing to Carnival in Venice
red, gold, black outfits
4th place

They interviewed Belbin and Agosto afterward, and Tanith made sure to extend well-wishes and thoughts to Marie France, which I gave her significant props for.

Poked through nbc.com's Olympics pages for a lot of the names, including the article about last night's falls and commentary on tonight's ice dancing.
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