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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Olympics: women's figure skating, night 1/2(?), short program

I was getting jaded on all the pairs skating, but watching the people who started the second section tonight, I realized that yeah, the pairs really were doing amazing stuff.  ('Cause they start off the evening with the less good performers -- though obviously I could never do what they do.)  These women were also so small compared to the pairs.  They also seemed happier.  Of course they were probably less exhausted, not having to do all those lifts.  I still maintain that you're supposed to keep a smile on your face until after you leave the ice.

Dick Button seemed kinder.  [Though I'm definitely ready to not hear his voice again.]
"I hope I don't sound unkind."  On the second Japanese woman, after he said she might do better if she didn't just train on the ice everyday but thought about her program.  (She's one of the older skaters, and he said she hasn't changed.)  That was the first time yet I've heard him acknowledge that he might in fact sound dreadful.

blue pantsuit with sunbursts. love it so much.
new rule that women can wear pants? *ragefully smites the fact that there was ever a rule that women couldn't wear pants*
(and blasted to 1st place, staying there until Sasha Cohen edged her out by .03 on the last skate of the night; and she'd gone home before the penultimate anyhow)
Tags: sports: figure skating, sports: olympics: 2006

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