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Olympics: figure skating medal winners gala skate

I slept in like whoa today, so I'm catching up on a lot of LJing.

oyceter has a solid post on the privileging of female figure skaters as dolls rather than athletes; also on the appropriation of Asianness in Kill Bill.

Also: say what you will about the Metro, but their front page photos of the women's figure skating results were better than the Herald *or* the Globe.

Anyway. The gala skate itself.

The Italian couple reminded me of . . . um, remind me who the really playful American men's skater of about a decade ago is?

Oh, Johnny Weir skating to Frank Sinatra's "My Way."

I was pleased that I got to see Evgeny Plushenko skate since I didn't see him during either night of the men's skating. And yeah, he really is amazing.

I really wasn't all that taken with most of the gala skates.

Sandra Bezic: "The reason why ice dancing is so captivating is the connection between a man and a woman. It draws us in, and it makes us want to feel that."
     *sighs* Oh the heteronormativity.

We taped the second half so my parents could go to bed, so despite the fact that I watched it last night, I drifted in and out while they watched tonight. This meant I also saw the Sasha Cohen interview (which I hadn't seen last night). I really liked her gala skate, and I'm sorry sk8eeyore but I do rather like her.
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