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this week in anecdotes (sort of)


Comments on a thistlerose post got me links to pictures of a skating pair where the woman picked up the man (thanks, sasha_davidovna).

Cat: charm and intrigue-ness.
me: intrigue-ness? You totally made that word up
Cat: Shakespeare made up words.
me: You're not Shakespeare, though.
Cat: I'm cooler than Shakespeare.
me: You're cooler than Shakespeare? Why?
Cat: Because I have boobs.
me: You're cooler than Shakespeare because you have boobs
Cat: Yes. Everyone loves boobs; even gay men.

Cat was asking me about my AIM name and I learned that she's never actually seen Scooby Doo. (The cartoon show. No one should see the movie.) I Googled and this (not quite worksafe) is the fourth image result. Spanish language fanart porn. I approve, though not of the chibis in the corner watching. Checking out the site further, I disapprove of sexing up Gaiman's Death. [The first image result, actually, is French fanart porn.] The second websearch result is velmadinkley.com which includes fanfic. I'm kind of impressed that fanfic exists for this show, though really I should stop being surprised since fanfic exists for *everything.*


Mary Alice: "Dogs are smarter than teenagers. If you ever think you want to have a child, consider a border collie. 'S all I'm sayin." [Why yes, she does have a teenage son, why do you ask? :)]


Eric clearly has a deathwish. [Later this week he said he does, actually, that he couldn't kill himself but that we're welcome to do so.] He was commenting about how HBS hires incompetent people -- like me. Oh you're so funny.

Mary Alice was talking about selecting jewelry and he was giving her advice (also known as: agreeing with her). She said could take him home this weekend so he could continue helping. He made for the window. Later, he said the best advice he could give her was to wear a paper bag over her head. His explanation was that if he gave her really bad advice she would stop asking him, which okay I validate, but still, harsh. Yes of course we all knew he was kidding. But still.


Prof.B's friend (age 41) had a heart attack on Sunday I think, so this week has been crazy (compounded by rescheduling stuff from last Friday when B. was sick) plus his wife is gone this week I found out today. "Suddenly everyone's depending on me, and I'm not up to the task."

The online menu said broccoli calzone, but what they were actually serving was asparagus calzone. I'm not a huge asparagus fan, but since I'd committed myself to buying lunch (by not bringing one) I bought it anyway.
Um, they didn't cut the asparagus at all, and I didn't chew it sufficiently, so there I was with an asparagus partway down my throat and I started to choke. Pre-empting the vomiting, I grabbed a napkin and spit/pulled it out. Yeah, that was attractive.

Eric told me they were coming out with a Q collection on DVD. I did assorted Googling that night and learned that already available is a collection of 4 VHS tapes of all the TNG Q episodes. Friday morning he e-mailed me the link. I don't understand why it needs to be fan choices. IMDb tells me Q was in 10 TNG episodes, 3 Voyager episodes, and a DS9. Just do all of them. 4 episodes = 1 disc; you've got 14 episodes; that's 4 discs with space for a couple hours of bonus materials.

Oh, and he said the X3 posters are like RENT (which I grant) and too depressing. Um, hi, subject matter much? Plus I'm totally Angst Girl. However, look at these icons, though, and tell me that's not love.

He also complains about the "America the Beautiful" "They still need our help" spiketv.com ad – 'cause it's depressing. And yet the guy is a Buffy and Angel fan. I never understand how people who aren't into dark/depressing stories can be Joss fans.

There’s some commercial (don't remember what for) with a guy in a Speedo, waiting with a whole bunch of other people at a bus stop and Eric said, "I wish I could go to work like that. Wait, I would never wanna go to work dressed like that." He went on to say that no one should dress like that. This got us into a discussion of what if it were a woman. "Unless I've got you pegged entirely wrong. Which is fine; I don't have a problem with that; I just don't know," said Mary Alice. "Yeah, I totally understand what you mean," I said to her. "Like if it were Angelina Jolie I'd be like, 'Okay, cool.'"

[Sidenote: Eric says Angelina Jolie's supposed to be in the Marilyn Mason Alice in Wonderland movie. I thought I remembered coming across that on IMDb via Alan Cummings, but he's definitely not listed.]

He seems so uncomfortable talking about sex, which throws me. Earlier I'd been talking with Mary Alice about how gay her family is (her parents had 6 kids; 3 are gay; "There must be a gene," she said) and she said one of her sisters describes herself as a "fence-sitter" but Mary Alice definitely thinks her legs dangle to one side, and at that point Eric was like, "Um, new topic of conversation?" and we were like, "Hey, nothing wrong with this conversation." I commented that in my family there were come cousins maybe, and I wanted to say "and me" but it only got sort of implied (I was reminded of Ari's comment, "But she makes it look so easy! I bet Elizabeth never has coming-out-angst!" Which is very flattering though so not true.) but I'm always like "yeah, Angelina Jolie," etc., which I sometimes think is a better way of doing it -- just being open in the world rather than labeling.

Stupid timesubmit by 5pm Thursday. If the time period actually ended on a Thursday I think I'd be fine -- like Smith. But no. You put in for what you assume will be your worked time for a day that hasn't happened yet. My official start date was Jan. 19 and I have yet to remember to fill out my online timesheet Thursday afternoon.


When I walked out the door of my house this morning I saw crocus sprouts in the front yard.
"We're just seven days away from the first game of spring training. The squirrels are out, foraging for those last few hidden acorns. Stores have posters with "end of season" sales. // In New England, that can mean just one thing: a major snowstorm is about to sneak up on us." -Pastor Hamilton

2:31 and Prof.B. says, "The people who were supposed to call me at 2:30? They haven't called." They called at 2:35. Which I think is within a reasonable window. Though I think he's the one who holds the power in this particular exchange so it's in their interest to not make him wait.

My dad sent me a link to this a while ago (Subject: In case you're being too productive) and today I clicked on one of the artwork links. This starts the game going, though it also opens the page you want. When I closed the art page (none of them are very good, btw) it told me: You survived 52.288 seconds! Interesting.

Prof.B. was making a variety of calls Friday afternoon (most of which weren't even on his calendar) and then at four-forty... three? seven? he had a stack of vaguely urgent stuff for me. Sigh. I did manage to get out on time, though, since most of it could be put off until Monday (when I'm at new staff orientation from 9am-12:30pm, oops).

The Red Line was slow and 3 Tufts freshmen (2 from California, 1 from Chicago -- I know all this 'cause some other woman chatted them up -- never let it be said that New Englanders can't be friendly) sitting near me were worried about making their 5:40 train and I told them they'd definitely make their train 'cause *I* was getting a 5:40 train and take this train every day. Yay for helping out MBTA riders.

After Ruggles (2nd stop out) at which the conductor announced about a million times that this was the Franklin Line, some girls realized this train didn't go to Attleboro, so the conductor told them they'd have to at Hyde Park (the next stop). I swear I walked by them (they were at one of the center tables) when I walked through the car getting on at South Station, so I don't know if they were just talking the whole time and so didn't realize or what, but the Attleboro/Stoughton leaves 5 minutes later than the Franklin Line and didn't even have a track number up when I exited South Station.

I often fall asleep on the train ride home, but I usually wake up around Islington (2 stops/~6 minutes before my stop). This time I woke up and the dark outside looked unfamiliar. I got up and asked someone what stop this was. "Walpole." I tried to remember if that was before or after my stop [not really wanting to repeat the Endicott incident of two weeks prior] and pulling out the schedule I realized -- as the train pulled out of the station -- that it's 2 stops/~10 minutes past my stop. So I called home (yay car that passed inspection that day) to get picked up at the next stop. A nice lady took me to the nearby Dunkin' Donuts so I can wait somewhere that's not the FoodMart.

I watched some of Smackdown on Friday and one of the first ads was for TimeLife Open the Eyes of My Heart -- Christian music. Um, okay.

Yeah yeah yeah, everyone's seen it already, but Warren Ellis and Joss Whedon.

# Joss Whedon Says:

Well, this has been educational. But it’s hard to type while I’m holding Warren. So on to greater things. Lunch things. May the Federation be with you, or something. Nerds.

# warrenellis Says:

Move your hand, Joss. Yes.

If you loved me, you’d hold me THERE.

Time for a cigarette. Take it easy, people.

For the Truth is Stranger than Fiction pages: zomg

This is a fabulous take on the Brokeback Mountain and Curious George movies.

Carrie-Anne Moss was in Models, Inc.! She wasn't yet big, and I never made the connection when I saw her in movies years later.
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