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CSI rerun: "Primum Non Nocere" (2.16)

[transcript: twiztv.com, per usual]

Dude, guy dead from a hockey injury and we call CSI? It was a pileup. You totally don't know it was a crime at all.
SARA:  You just don't like sports.
GRISSOM:  That's not true-- I've been a baseball fan my whole life.
SARA:  Baseball.  Well, that figures.  All those stats.
GRISSOM:  It's a beautiful game.
SARA:  Since when are you interested in beauty?
GRISSOM:  (without looking up)  Since I met you.
(Startled, SARA turns to look at GRISSOM.)
GRISSOM:  So, we'll start at the opposite goal work our way across the blue line to center ice.
SARA:  Sure.
(GRISSOM stands up and leaves.)
"Since when are you interested in beauty?" / "Since I met you." OMG! *falls in love* That. That would sell me on Grissom/Sara right there.

It's interesting, coming as it does immediately on the heels of "Burden of Proof," where Grissom seems so not with it. He's still definitely Asperger's or something 'cause he says it and we know he means it, but he says it almost without emotion, plus it's like a throwaway line. But yeah, definitely makes me wanna watch from the beginning, to get a better handle on their relationship before.

Grissom taking the blood off the wall he was almost smirking

Zamboni coming out while people are out on the ice?

Cath in the locker room?  Gorgeous.
GRISSOM:  "There are three things in life that people like to stare at.  A rippling stream, a fire in a fireplace and a zamboni going round and round."
SARA:  Charlie Brown.  "I love a zamboni."
GRISSOM:  We all do.
Dude, that was bizarre.

SARA:  120 minutes for a tooth ... the whole tooth ... and nothing but the tooth.
*rolls eyes*
ROBBINS:  What took you so long?
GRISSOM:  I was watching ice melt.

ROBBINS:  I bet he was proud of every last battle scar.  What is it about organized sports?
GRISSOM:  Well, organized sports is the paradigmatic model of a just society.  Everyone knows the same language everyone knows the rules.  And there's a specific punishment handed out the moment someone tries to cheat.  Instant morality.
ROBBINS:  So, uh, what did this guy do in real life?
GRISSOM:  Stockbroker.
ROBBINS:  Competition junkie.
GRISSOM:  Aren't we all?
ROBBINS:  Not me, not anymore.
GRISSOM:  No?  How'd you get to be Chief Medical Examiner?  Look, we're all carrying prehistoric genes in a postmodern world.  We get our meat from the grocery store instead of with a club or a knife.  We have to work off our, uh, testosterone somehow.

WARRICK:  Mannitol-- that's that baby laxative used to cut heroin with.
NICK:  China White?  You sure?
GREG:  The GSMS does not kid around.
NICK:  West coast heroin is Mexican Brown.  20, 30% pure, tops.  What's China White, 75%?
GREG:  Uh, your sample's 91.
WARRICK:  91%? No wonder the guy O.D.'D.  That's a death sentence.
NICK:  Doesn't make any sense, man.  The money from dealing heroin comes from the cutting.  The more you cut, the more money you make.  There's no profit margin in selling stuff that's too pure.
WARRICK:  Unless you're looking to kill someone.
Did we ever get motive for the bartender? (looks at end of transcript) No, we didn't. That kinda bugs me.
CATHERINE:  How do men live like this?
GRISSOM:  What's wrong with it?
CATHERINE:  Well, it's a cave with hardwood floors.
GRISSOM:  It's clean.  Television, couch.  What else does a guy need?
CATHERINE:  Well, how about a plant?  Anything to makes it a little more ... human.
That will so be my apartment :)
CATHERINE:  It's never a good sign when the number of women a guy sleeps with is more than the number of chairs he owns.
GRISSOM:  So, what's the ratio here?
CATHERINE:  Well, uh, ballparking it, I'd say ... four women to every one piece of furniture he owns including the TV.
I love the "including the TV."  That just makes it.
CATHERINE:  So... I guess our guy is about three things - pucks, bucks, and ... chicks.
GREG: [Amusingly, this is typoed as GRISSOM in the twiztv transcript.]  Well, speaking on a meta-level ... isn't it obvious?  The overbearing patriarchal structure of modern organised sports represents a socially palatable sublimation of what Jung refers to as the "Shadow of the Unconscious."
SARA:  You sucked at team sports, huh?
zomg, love Greg
SARA:  I think sports are physical by definition.
GREG:  Well, sex is physical.  Is that a sport?
SARA:  Not to me.
NICK:  Hey, just 'cause I've been on a personal losing streak with the ladies doesn't mean you should be, too.
WARRICK:  Man, I don't even know if I'm going there the odds haven't gone my way in a long time.
NICK:  I'm talking about chicks, not gambling.
WARRICK:  Same difference.
NICK: (testing)  Mind if I go for her, then?
(WARRICK turns around and looks at NICK.  Point taken.
Yeah, nicely phrased in the transcript.  Nick's totally like, "Okay, I withdraw the question."
NICK:  Hey, one more thing, Bill.  You wear contacts?
BILL:  Not anymore.  Lasik surgery.
NICK:  How's that working out for you?
BILL:  Great.  One less thing I'm dependent on.
Very nice.
WARRICK:  No, I just came by to ask you a few questions and I got a little carried away.
Warrick is totally falling for her 'cause he lets her leave without having asked her barely any questions.
SARA:  There are semen stains everywhere.  Not very Victoria Secret.
GRISSOM:  What is Victoria's Secret, I wonder?
SARA:  Beauty, Grissom.  Remember?

SARA:  With all the sex these people are having maybe I should take up hockey.

And we see Robbins walking with his crutch thing.
GRISSOM:  Did you ever hear the story of the 19th century chinese goldsmith?  He lost a lot of money for his goldsmith buddies due to his shoddy business practices so they decided to kill him by biting him to death.  123 goldsmiths took a bite out of the victim insuring that no one individual could be blamed for the murder.  For who would know which one administered the lethal bite.
Oh, Grissom.
NICK:  You want to talk about it?
NICK:  Okay.
WARRICK:  I'm going to meet Lillie.  I'll see you back at the lab.  Okay?  You don't know me.
(WARRICK leaves.  NICK watches him leave.)
NICK:  (quietly)  Obviously.

(WARRICK reaches over and pushes LILLIE'S sleeve up.  He sees the needle marks up her inner arm.)
WARRICK:  I'm sorry, Lillie.  Life's too short.  Good-bye.
Good on you, Warrick.
(WARRICK walks across the lobby.  He looks at the gaming table.
No, dude.  Don't do it.

(WARRICK walks across the lobby. He looks at the gaming table. He sits down. He pulls out his wallet and slides a bill at the dealer.
(NICK takes the seat next to him.)
WARRICK: What are you doing here?
NICK: I'm playing cards ... with my friend.
(WARRICK looks over at NICK.)
*loves Nick, a lot*

[Edit: Episode title translates, as I suspected: "First, do no harm."]
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