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CSI rerun: "Felonius Monk" (2.17)

[transcript: twiztv.com]

GRISSOM:  "Wherever you live is your temple, if you treat it like one."
SARA:  State your source.
GRISSOM:  Buddha.
"State your source"!  *loves*
NICK:  Close range.  Looks like they were shot one at a time.  How do you get one vic -- let alone four-- to sit still while you put a bullet between their eyes?
GRISSOM:  They were praying.
NICK:  Yeah, for mercy. 
GRISSOM:  For whoever was shooting them.
GRISSOM:  May I ask a question?  This is a high-crime area.  Have you had any problems here before?  Like break-ins or burglaries?
ANANDA:  The past ... is in the past.
They say they got Ananda's prints on the gun, and my first thought was, "But are they on the trigger?"  Because just because he handled the gun doesn't mean he shot the gun.
And I hate taking off my shoes.
Oh, Nick.
CATHERINE:  Ah. How is Mrs. Tadero?
JIMMY TADERO:  Counting the days till I retire.  Nice job on the Logan case.
Oh how I wish this were an allusion to an actual onscreen case.  'Twould make such lovely internal continuity.  [Why yes, I did check tv.com]
ROBBINS:  All were shot in the third eye, the sixth chakra, vortex of consciousness.  I was a gray's anatomy man, until I lost my legs.  I started getting phantom pains no drug or exercise could control.  I began studying the chakras.
The whole chakra explanation is kinda gratuitous, but that's okay.
GRISSOM:  Let's go back to the third eye.
ROBBINS:  Ajna, the hub of higher consciousness.
GRISSOM:  If someone were threatened by that consciousness, that would be a logical target, yeah?
ROBBINS:  Hmm, there's a very good chance your killer's a Buddhist.
When we first see the bodies I thought, "Execution style," so I was amused to be proven right in the end; for once all Grissom's deep-thinky didn't actually lead to the solution.
ANANDA:  If you are no longer attached to seeking pleasure, pictures of naked women mean no more than pictures of waterfalls.  I abstain from erotic behavior not because we believe sex is sinful but because preoccupation with worldly pleasure diverts us from the path.
The slowness of his speech implied recitation and I wondered if we were perhaps supposed to suspect that he didn't actually have these concepts fully internalized -- though I think it's just that he's a non-native English speaker.
NICK: According to the gang unit, they've been out of business about a year.
GRISSOM:  So we're looking at a Warhol.
(NICK's brow furrows as GRISSOM loses him with the reference.)
NICK:  Hmm?
GRISSOM:  Well, it's not a real soup can.  It's a painting of a soup can.
NICK:  Not a gang member, uh ... wannabe?
GRISSOM:  Except, if you want to be in a gang, you can be.
NICK:  (laughs)  False clue.

GRISSOM:  David, stop calling me "sir."
NICK:  Why?
(GRISSOM turns around and shrugs at NICK.)
GRISSOM:  I'm enlisting.
(NICK chuckles.)

COLONEL (PHILLIPS):  We can see a postage stamp on the sidewalk outside Lenin's tomb.
And you know he really does think it's cool.
NICK:  Hey.  Glad to see you're not in uniform.
Only one vehicle passed through the temple gates around the time of the murders.  Parked next to the monk's car.
SARA:  "Proud U.S."
Ah, those damned furrener immigrants.
GRISSOM:  Well, these wouldn't be your prayer beads, would they?
I should have realized it would have made no sense for a guy who hates them and their religion to steal some religious paraphernalia from them and keep it in a baggie.
GREG SANDERS:  Results from the colored material found at the crime scene.  I'm
trying to be humble, but once again I have the case breaker.
And Grissom looks at him like "Yeah, whatever, gimme the results already.  And then he reads the results and there's that great look of kindly surprise when he says "You may be right."
GRISSOM:  How'd you know to remove your boots?  You'd been there before?
PETE HUTCHINS, JR.:  (hesitates)  Maybe.
PETER HUTCHINS, SR.:  (to GRISSOM)  What are you accusing my son of now?
PETE HUTCHINS, JR.:  They were my friends.
Love that twist.
PETE HUTCHINS, JR.:  Someone once asked the Buddha, "How do we escape the heat of a summer's day?"  And the Buddha said, "Why not leap into a blazing furnace?"
WARRICK:  Results on Jimmy Tadero's sample.  I just got it back from DNA.
Yeah interoffice mail :)

And when she goes to confront Jimmy she's near tears.  Good on her.
JIMMY TADERO:  You were two steps away from turning tricks.  This is the thanks I get?
Ouch.  And yes, I am so reminded of Mal and Inara.
CATHERINE:  I danced, period.  And instead of feeling sorry for yourself, think about this.  When you were out there planting evidence on a case that you couldn't break, Stephanie's real killer got away.  And he's still out there ... because you sold the one thing a cop can't afford to sell:  Your integrity.  So you tell me, between the two of us who's the whore?
(Nice double meaning with the title.  Cops are held to such a high standard, almost like religion, and the subplot is about Catherine finding out that the man who was in many ways a savior to her had broken the ultimate rule -- "What never lies?")
CATHERINE:  You can hate me all you want.  I'm going to see you through this.
Interesting.  I'm actually not all that interested in seeing more of this plotline, but I feel like with a near-closing line like that they're obligated to have at least one more episode with this plotline.
GRISSOM:  If you see the Buddha on the side of the road, kill him.
ANANDA:  Because the true Buddha is inside of us so that is the false Buddha or a tired monk who doesn't drive because he can't control his anger.
That's a small box to hold $13thousand.
GRISSOM:  Curry powder.  Your temple employs a part-time cook.
ANANDA:  Mr. Suddahara moved on.
GRISSOM:  After you caught him with his hand in the till? 
GRISSOM:  Why didn't you tell us about Mr. Suddahara before?
ANANDA:  Because a man steals doesn't mean he also kills.
During the preceding commercial break, my mom and I were commenting about how they seemed to have eliminated all the suspects, unless they did some weird twist in which really Ananda wasn't legit after all, and they couldn't just pull someone out of the air.  But we had forgotten about the part-time cook.  Who's totally allowable since he was introduced at the beginning.
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