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CSI: Miami 4.16 "Deviant"

My mom told me Miami was a new episode and asked if I was interested, and I really don't watch it much but of course her mentioning it made me pull up tvguide.com/listings to check the episode blurb and decided it was interesting enough to check out.

A registered sex offender living in Alexx's neighborhood dies after being attacked by four men near a park. The victime was allegedly accosting a girl just before his death. The investigation reveals that Alexx put up posters in the neighborhood warning parents that a sex offender was now living nearby. Horatio fears that the posters may have led to the murder and that Alexx could be held responsible in civil court.
It's Alexx, though, who says, "Could I prosecuted criminally for this?" I don't even think Horatio says anything about it.

Isabel: "I told my daddy I don't like wearing dresses. I screamed really loud like Daddy taught me."
     In retrospect, this is nice foreshadowing of the setup.

Victor Terraza: "What would you do, someone like that around your kid?"
Horatio: "Why don't you tell me what you did?"
     Lurves Horatio.

Eric: "I don't have any kids."
Ryan: "I just figured, with all the dating you do."
Eric: "I'm very careful."

Calleigh: "As a county employee, she had every right. We see firsthand how dangerous these guys can be."
Ryan: "As a county employee, she knows firsthand how quickly people escalate to violence. She should have thought of that."

Calleigh: "Would you rather a little girl end up on her table?"
Ryan: "I would rather no one end up her table."
Calleigh: "That's not always an option in the real world."
Ryan: "I work patrol; I think I know a little something about the real world."

I want very much to like Calleigh, but I get frustrated by the Issue conversations the writers write for her and Ryan (witness the rape conversation in . . . "Prey" IIRC).

As soon as we met the wife I thought she so reminded me of resurrected!syphilitic!Darla. I thought I was wrong, though, but tv.com says I was right.

Distributing child pornography is a felony.
Ned: "I didn't look at it."
Horatio: "You don't have to."

"You know Calleigh'll just tell me later."
Ryan: "Good, she'll probably tell it better."

In her meeting with the CME, Alexx felt too vulnerable.

Horatio: "I can assure you, Mr. Wolfe, this will not fall on you."
     *shivers* Clearly there is a lot of background I'm missing as a very sporadic viewer of this show. I feel like this show does a lot of the conspiracy type plotlines, and I think that's one thing that distances me from the show 'cause that's just not a kind of storyline that particularly draws me. I find this shadiness of Horatio very interesting because clearly we are supposed to sympathize with him but he's doing this very iffy thing, and I feel like most contemporary media is very uncomfortable with the idea that the end justifies the means.

When Philip's brother stabs him, I thought, "I could never be a murderer, because I overthink things" -- like, I could never just stab someone (especially not with intent to kill) because I would be so worried about getting caught.

Ryan: "I feel bad for that guy. I hope the jury goes easy on him."
Calleigh: "A killer is a killer."
Ryan: "You really believe that?"
Calleigh: "Personally? No. Professionally? Yes. And I'm still on the clock. Wanna ask me again in an hour over a beer?"
Ryan: "You're not mad at me? I heard we got into a really big fight today."
Calleigh: "Don't believe everything you hear."
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