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[Lent: day 4/40]

So, last night I was thinking perhaps I should post a more God-centered Lent poem, and "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" had been in my head a lot, plus music had been kind of a theme that day.  I couldn't recall the name of the hymn, though, so I wikipedia'd "Ode to Joy".

It told me: "The following is the text of Schiller's poem, as modified in Beethoven's setting. Note that it is an excerpt from Schiller's original text, and that Beethoven has changed the order of some of the strophes. The original verses of Schiller are in parentheses and italics."

    In German

    Freude, schöner Götterfunken
    Tochter aus Elysium,
    Wir betreten feuertrunken,
    Himmlische, dein Heiligtum!
    Deine Zauber binden wieder
    Was die Mode streng geteilt. (Original: Was der Mode Schwert geteilt)
    Alle Menschen werden Brüder (Original: Bettler werden Fürstenbrüder)
    Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

    Wem der große Wurf gelungen,
    Eines Freundes Freund zu sein;
    Wer ein holdes Weib errungen,
    Mische seinen Jubel ein!
    Ja, wer auch nur eine Seele
    Sein nennt auf dem Erdenrund!
    Und wer's nie gekonnt, der stehle
    Weinend sich aus diesem Bund!

    Freude trinken alle Wesen
    An den Brüsten der Natur;
    Alle Guten, alle Bösen
    Folgen ihrer Rosenspur.
    Küsse gab sie uns und Reben,
    Einen Freund, geprüft im Tod;
    Wollust ward dem Wurm gegeben,
    Und der Cherub steht vor Gott.

    Froh, wie seine Sonnen fliegen
    Durch des Himmels prächt'gen Plan,
    Laufet, Brüder, eure Bahn,
    Freudig, wie ein Held zum Siegen.

    Seid umschlungen, Millionen!
    Diesen Kuß der ganzen Welt!
    Brüder, über'm Sternenzelt
    Muß ein lieber Vater wohnen.
    Ihr stürzt nieder, Millionen?
    Ahnest du den Schöpfer, Welt?
    Such' ihn über'm Sternenzelt!
    Über Sternen muß er wohnen.

    In English

    Joy, beautiful spark of God,
    Daughter of Elysium,
    We enter, fire-drunk,
    Heavenly one, your shrine.
    Your magic reunites
    What custom strictly parts. (Original: What custom's sword has parted)
    All people become brothers (Original: Beggars become princes' brothers)
    Where your gentle wing alights.

    Whoever has succeeded in the great attempt
    To be a friend to a friend;
    Whoever has won a lovely woman
    Mix in your joy!
    Yes, who calls even one soul
    His own on the earth's sphere!
    And let whoever has never achieved this
    Steal away crying from this group!

    All beings drink joy
    At the breasts of nature;
    All the good, all the bad
    Follow her trail of roses.
    She gave us kisses and vines,
    A friend, proven in death;
    Great pleasure was given to the worm,
    And the cherub stands before God.

    Glad, like his suns fly
    Through heaven's splendid plan,
    Run, brothers, your race,
    Joyful, like a hero to the victory.

    Be embraced, millions!
    This kiss to all the world!
    Brothers, over the starry firmament
    Must live a loving father.
    Do you bow down, millions?
    Do you sense the Creator, world?
    Seek him beyond the starry firmament!
    He must dwell beyond the stars.


Wikipedia also provided "A different version of the English translation (altered so as to make the words rhyme as much as possible)" and I pulled up cyberhymnal.org for "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" words.

English Version, Take Two

Praise to Joy, the God-descended
Daughter of Elysium!
Ray of mirth and rapture blended,
Goddess, to thy shrine we come.
By thy magic is united
What stern Custom parted wide,
All mankind are brothers plighted
Where thy gentle wings abide.

Ye to whom the boon is measured,
Friend to be of faithful friend,
Who a wife has won and treasured,
To our strain your voices lend!
Yea, if any hold in keeping
Only one heart all his own,
Let him join us, or else weeping,
Steal from out our midst, unknown.

Draughts of joy, from cup o'erflowing,
Bounteous Nature freely gives
Grace to just and unjust showing,
Blessing everything that lives.
Wine she gave to us and kisses,
Loyal friend on life's steep road,
E'en the worm can feel life's blisses,
And the Seraph dwells with God.

Glad as the sun His will sent plying
Through the vast abyss of space.
Brothers run your joyous race,
Hero-like to conquest flying

O ye millions, I embrace ye!
With a kiss for all the world!
Brothers, o'er yon starry sphere
Surely dwells a loving Father.

O ye millions, kneel before Him,
World, dost feel thy Maker near?
Seek Him o'er yon starry sphere,
O'er the stars enthroned, adore Him!

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee

Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of love;
Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee, opening to the sun above.
Melt the clouds of sin and sadness; drive the dark of doubt away;
Giver of immortal gladness, fill us with the light of day!

All Thy works with joy surround Thee, earth and heaven reflect Thy rays,
Stars and angels sing around Thee, center of unbroken praise.
Field and forest, vale and mountain, flowery meadow, flashing sea,
Singing bird and flowing fountain call us to rejoice in Thee.

Thou art giving and forgiving, ever blessing, ever blessed,
Wellspring of the joy of living, ocean depth of happy rest!
Thou our Father, Christ our Brother, all who live in love are Thine;
Teach us how to love each other, lift us to the joy divine.

Mortals, join the happy chorus, which the morning stars began;
Father love is reigning o’er us, brother love binds man to man.
Ever singing, march we onward, victors in the midst of strife,
Joyful music leads us Sunward in the triumph song of life.
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