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CSI 6.16 "Up in Smoke"

Yeah, I know the icon doesn't fit, but I couldn't resist.

I was surprised to see David rather than Doc Robbins doing the autopsy of the burnt body -- though they do bring in Doc Robbins later for the revelatory bit ("Fire can't explain a subdural hematoma, can it?").

Warrick: "We were hoping you'd ask us to join the investigation."
Sara: "Now that it's a crime scene, it's fair game if you're part of the investigation."

Greg: "Gotta balance the weights with the cardio."
Oh, Greg -- balancing the ladies' man attitude with the utter geekiness.  (Greg has clearly grown on me as I now find him endearing whereas I used to find him annoying.)

Wow, the photograph of her with the apple.

The music, the cinematography, Sara inching along . . . I totally expected her to fall off the roof, even though I didn't think the show would do that at all.

"This belongs to the person in my chimney?"
At that moment I totally called that it was his son.

Chad and Tad?  Who names these people?

Nice move Catherine, leaving the news that his son is alive until after the other stuff.  Of course I totally called that he would blame it on his son.  (In his defense, in his mnd it's not like he'd be sending his son to jail or anything since he's already dead.  Of course this is where Emma would jump up and rail at me about people living on through posterity.)

"Tad -- son -- you're --"
"Not dead.  You're dead to me."

Sara: "Hey, Cat."
This familiarity always jars me.

"I wish I could say I was sorry for the petty crimes I've committed, for the trouble I've put you through.  But Martin Sidley's behind bars and my daughter's getting her funeral, and that's all I wanted."
Catherine: "I'm sorry that we couldn't find your daughter without your help."

Oh, and Poe references ("The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Cask of Amontillado") make me happy.
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