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Without a Trace 4.16 "The Little Things"

The promo said something about "littlest victim" but hi, the kid was 5 years old; we've done an episode where an infant was kidnapped.

"Is she going to read me a story?"
"She'll do her best."
"I'm not happy."
     So much love for the nanny for not lying to the kid.
And oh the old beyond his years "I'm not happy."

Martin: "These suction mics?  They fall off all the time; get these hardwired."
Danny: [look of "bzuh?"]

Jack: Were the 2 of you having problems?
wife: What does that matter?
Jack: Everything matters.

Jack: Any chance you can ID the car from the upholstery?
There's not a lot of detail.
Jack: You know the right answer is "Yes, sir."

Elena: [somebody] has an alibi.
Jack: How solid?
Elena: Well he's been in Oregon for the past 3 days on top of a giant redwood.
Jack: That's pretty solid.

Martin: Imagine a little harder.
Danny: Maybe you should take a sick day.
     Yeah, that was harsh like whoa, Martin.  And seriously yo, everyone's always on all the cases; taking a sick day will not kill you, I promise.

Jack: I get out, and next time we meet is in a morgue to identify the body of your dead 5-year-old.
father: You can't arrest me.
Jack: I can detain you.  I'm not gonna let your son die because you're an idiot.

The stock hasn't vested.
I had a squee moment 'cause from the new hire orientation I actually sort of now what "vesting" means.

Exxerol hasn't been around for 20 years and never will be.  Um, wtf?  You do trials and then you put it on the market.  They were claiming the Exxerol issues were were inconclusive.  Sometimes stuff is inconclusive and you don't get conclusive until the wider population starts taking it.
When he'd said he was okay until he had to take his son to the doctor, I thought it was gonna be that his son had asthma and he didn't wanna risk his son's life.
Also: They told you to keep quiet for 48 hours.  Couldn't you just not mention anything about the drug trials and try to redirect the agents if they started asking about it?  Not coming home and so obviously hiding something was so not the brightest move.

Sam: What part of "now" don't you understand?

Jack was being a bastard with the threatening.  (Not a surprise, I know, but it always bothers me.)

Martin [to Danny]: Get the kid!
     When Danny whirled around I totally thought he was gonna shoot Martin.  And yeah, way to freeze up and totally forget about the kid.

I liked that Martin totally saw he was an addict (a TVGuide piece a while back told me Martin's a recovering alcoholic) and called him on it.
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