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life update: Wednesday-Saturday


I dreamed that I talked with Joe about Mardi Gras and Lent.  And that pardalis05 called.  Gee, do we think I miss people?

Then on the Red Line that morning a girl asked me if I'd gone to Smith.  I didn't recognize her, but we probably had class or something together at one point. She was a Skarda advisee but not a groupie. Now working in the Kendall area.

Florian gave Amanda and I Lindor chocolates.  And the orange wrapped one turned out to be peanut butter.  Yum!

On the Red Line home I saw a woman with an HBS Exec Ed bag and a dark ash smudge on her forehead.  She was the only ashed person I saw all day.

Going back and tagging entries, December 2002 I was watching Ice Wars.  Who knew?  I remember seeing ads for ice skating events in TVGuide when I was in high school or whatever and not watching them 'cause I didn't have time, so I just assumed I'd stopped watching all together.

My mom was watching these performance feedback videos for work and zomg, make my brain bleed.
The employee gets difficult-to-read information from sales reps and so she guesses as to the numbers for the purchase orders because she doesn't wanna bother the sales reps (plus it slows down her process since she often gets their voicemail).  And when she gets their voicemail she just leaves her name and number.  That was the killer for me.  Who doesn't know to leave a detailed message with the reason for your call?  [I know it's a scripted scenario, but you only include things you think might actually happen.]  Even when I called friends when I was in high school or whatever I would say why I was calling (just to say hi, question about homework, whatever).

Midday ABCNews: 1 in 5 could name all 5 members of the Simpsons.  Only 1 in 1000 could name all 5 freedoms enumerated in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
My reaction: Come on, who remembers freedom to petition?  Press and peaceable assembly maybe.  But basically everyone knows speech and religion, and everything else kinda comes under that umbrella anyway.
Later my dad told me about Dale Carpenter further problematizing it.

Assorted Millionaire questions for you:

Before Alaska and Hawaii in 1959, the last state to join the Union was:
+ Montana
+ Arizona
+ New Mexico
+ Utah
Answer: Arizona

First baseball game broadcast on tv was:
+ Syracuse-Ithaca
+ Ohio-Penn State
+ Harvard-Yale
+ Princeton-Columbia
Answer: Princeton-Columbia
I enjoyed that Mary Alice and I both had the same random guess before they listed the answers -- Red Sox-Yankees :)

Oprah premiered in 1986 (!) with the following topic:
+ celebrating teachers
+ finding the right person to marry
+ loving your body
+ moms who do it all
Answer: finding the right person to marry


Amanda called a theatre in Arlington and its automated menu had showtimes "through Feb. 30" (theatres do Thursday-Thursday schedules).

Searching for contact info [name, title, address, phone, e-mail] for profs was way more difficult than it should have been. Boo on unhelpful university faculty pages.

Prof.D: "Do I really have to reformat my whole CV?"
Prof.B: "No.  You get your assistant to do it."
Me, who supports both of them: [something like, "Gee, thanks."]
Prof.B: "Yeah, I knew you'd love that."

carpdeus and I on the Monty Python's Flying Circus "Spam" sketch.


Reformatting Prof.D's CV I decided I needed background music to sustain me, so I did Yahoo!LaunchCast.  Apparently the majority of my musical taste is "Adult Alternative," which I suppose isn't all that surprising.

'Twas amusing seeing why it played certain songs.

+ "Flake" by Jack Johnson [Reason: Recommended by fans of Coldplay]
+ "Insensitive" by Jann Arden [Reason played: Recommended by fans of Matchbox Twenty // Genres: Soft Pop, Adult Alternative ]
+ "Ordinary Day" by Vanessa Carlton [Reason played: Recommended by fans of Evanescence ]

I've heard "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child a lot before, but listening to the words this time I couldn't help thinking of "Don't Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name" by Christine Lavin.

I had a Huntington mailing waiting for me when I got home. 
+ Breaking Ground Festival of New Play Readings: April 6-9 [That's a Thurs-Sun.] at the Calderwood

The flyer had blurbs about 4 of them.
+ Kind Hearts and Coronets, which movie I swear Emma has mentioned to me a million times. (This version is a musical; book by Robert L. Friedman, music by Steven Lutvak, lyrics by Robert L. Friedman and Stevenm Lutvak)
+ Persephone (Noah Haidle) "Guiseppe is trying to carve an image of the Greek goddess Demeter from an unyielding block of marble --- she's the love of his life. But relationships are always hard, especially when stretched over centuries."
+ Property -- based on the Valerie Martin author also of Mary Reilly, for you Skarda Telling & Retelling folk novel I read in UMass Brave New Worlds class.  I'm undecided as to whether I actually wanna see this play.
+ Voyeurs de Venus (Huntington Playwrighting Fellow, Lydia Diamond) -- "Sara, a black scholar specializing in pop culture, is writing a book (or, trying to) about Saartjie Bartmaan, known derogatorily as the Hottentot Venus. Sara's own issues of racial identity emerge as she struggles to recount Saartjie's life for a largely white audience. All the while, Sara navigates a minefield of personal intimacies between her husband and lover. Past and present merge as their stories collide in this piercing drama."


Went grocery shopping with my mom and picking up a box of Always cleanweave my mom initially thought it said cleavage *g*

On a whim we purchased this.

Stacie Clayton performs at Singspiration a lot, and tonight they sponsored a concert by the Community Gospel Choir (which she directs).  There were five little girls -- three in black with dashiki print sashes and two in gypsy/pirate type white blouses.  The adult performers were all in black, women in dashiki print stoles and men in orange ties.

(It felt a little bit odd to schedule a "We Shall Come Rejoicing" concert for the first Saturday in Lent. My mom wondered if perhaps they could take the giant, brightly colored, "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords" banners down from the front of the church for Lent. Did we mention I come from a church that really isn't very liturgical calendar oriented? :) )

They opened with a reading of Revelation 7:9-17 and JoeF read it I don't know where from but not the front of the sanctuary though they had the sound wired so that's where it came out. Very nice.

I actually wasn't all that taken with most of the concert. The spiritual "Hold on," with its line "Keep your hand on the plow" was very powerful, though. And I really liked "Le Lo le lo lay lo" (William Loperana, Puerto Rico) -- text from the Sanctus (Heaven and earth are full of your glory ... Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord ... etc.) Also ♥ the male soloist on that one. He reminded me of Chris Dalton.

Saw JoeF briefly afterward. He asked me "what world [I was] going to conquer next." I literally threw my head back and laughed (okay, that was partly because my mouth was full). He knows I'm a writer (he is, too) but it's not like I wrote much of substance for the Times, and my writing for the Bulletin was Letter(s) to the Editor articulating views I'm fairly certain he disagrees with. And yet he thinks very highly of me. About the world conquering he said something like "I have no doubt that you will." So hey, I'll take it.
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