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unpopular Oscar opinions

Yeah, getting the results+commentary from Teh Internet the next day.

Of the 5 Best Picture nominations (listed below) I've only seen 2 (asterisked) and wasn't taken with either of them.


Highlights from the flist:

[Reminder: See the Subject of this post?  Read linked pieces at your own risk.]

hernewshoes is smart.

hedy reiterates her problems with lauding Brokeback Mountain as a gay movie.  (In the comments, lilithchilde counters: "I think it was a movie about the tragedy of the closet, personally. And while I understand the reservation about showing the negative side of gay life and history . . . it's real, and it's poignant")

I agree with sineala on Documentary.

sexonastick is snarky about Brokeback Mountain etcetera.

And hopping over to InstaPundit gets me a couple links -- the first of which reminds me that marauderthesn has complaints about Clooney's speech (scroll past a lot of other complaints for that one) and the second of which reminds me that whedonesque is having a Who Got Snubbed? A Shout-outathon thread which was helpful to me in reminding me which other movies came out last year.

I'm still working on coming up with an articulate response to the "out of touch" speech.
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