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(televisual) planning ahead

     Adam Baldwin // Bones // Wednesday, March 15; 9pm, FOX // 1.15 "Two Bodies in the Lab"
Adam Baldwin has some Bones to pick.  Adam will play Agent Kenton, a fellow FBI agent of David Boreanaz's character Booth on the March 15th episode of Bones called "Two Bodies in the Lab".

     Michelle Trachtenberg // House // Tuesday, April 4; 9pm, FOX // 2.16 "Safe"
Michelle Trachtenberg to guest star on April 4th episode of Fox series House.  She'll play a teenage girl who recently had a heart transplant.

     (guest) starrage liek whoa // How I Met Your Mother // Monday, May something; 8:30 pm, CBS // season finale
links: whedonesque / zap2it / tv.com


Apparently Asia Argento and Winona Ryder are in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.

Thoughts on NBC's pilot Heroes?

In my mail today, a postcard from The TheaterOffensive:
Christine Jorgensen Reveals
Calderwood Pavilion, April 6-29
I actually don't see it on said website, though now I'm debating some of the other shows that have been added to the website.

Edit: found.
Christine Jorgensen Reveals
by Bradford Louryk
Directed by Josh Hecht

4/6/2006 – 4/29/2006
The Theater Offensive
Roberts Studio Theatre

"Ex-GI Turns Blonde Beauty!” In 1952, America’s first famous transsexual was a scandal, and arguably the most famous person in the world. In Christine Jorgensen Reveals, Bradford Louryk’s exquisite, tour de force performance brings to life Jorgensen’s only recorded interview. The result is a disarming and enlightening new play about personhood and the nature of humanity in which Ms. Jorgensen–displaying extraordinary intellect, charisma, poise, and grace– speaks candidly about her sensational life. Banned in Boston since 1954, Christine was ahead of her time in understanding gender identity as a social construct, and forced the world to reconsider. Nominated for a 2006 GLAAD Media Award!

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
[polymexina, I will definitely be in touch when the full Huntington Play Reading Series list is up as I definitely wanna see Voyeurs de Venus.]

So, the following came to my fannish e-mail address, escaping the Spam filter probably because it was only sent to a few dozen people.  I recognize lots of fannish addresses on there.  So this'll be a repeat for some of you, but it's too funny not to share.
Subject: yo bro, hit me back

Its proven that guys with bigger cocks last longer.
You wanna be known as a sex god among the ladies?
would ask of Sam at the dinner table, breaking in on a conversation of
him and he struggled to his feet.Without stopping his work, Grover began swearing."Damn it, man, get out of here."Sam groped with his hand for the door. One of the white-clad, ghoulish
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