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CSI 6.17 "I Like to Watch"

I'm not as sensitive to some to CSI's tendency to use the freakish as titilation and how Grissom is rational but the tone is set by everyone else who's freaked out.  However, foot fetishist-->serial killer?  And without even a word from Grissom.

Brass: Hey, check this out, (Points to pictures of feet) God bless the internet.
This line makes me uncomfortable.  The contention that porn leads to rape and all that.

Cameraman: Do you watch our show? It's got a lot of forensics.
Grissom: There are too many forensics shows on TV.

I've seen a number of people griping that this conceit has been done to death, and while I didn't think it added anything to this episode I didn't feel like I'd seen it all that much before.  hernewshoes says, "I've seen this conceit in, what, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, MASH, ER, and those are just the ones at the top of my brain."  And I've seen, um, none of those shows, ever.  (Okay, I saw like half an episode of ER once.)  The other shows listed?  I haven't seen much if any of either.  Mentions are made of "Storyteller" (BtVS 7.16) and "Smile Time" (Angel 5.14), which I don't even think of as the same kind of thing as this ep's conceit (which is perhaps one of the reasons they're mentioned as good uses).  tv.com has further info.

hernewshoes also talked about the whiplash between the lighthearted and the serious in this ep, and I didn't particularly feel that.  I mean, there was some humor, but it didn't feel like a whole lot like there was a big dichotomy.

Brass: "Hey, hey, hey; stay behind the crime tape."

tvguy: You're a CSI, right?  But now you're a detective.  Which side of the fence do you prefer?
Sofia: "It's the same side."

Grissom swabs the nail polish and then Cath photos it?  Isn't your order off there?
And she was ruffling the papers with bare hands.  Aren't you supposed to wear gloves?

Nick (on giving a calm, accessible description): We have to do it in court all the time.

Catherine: What kind of fireman goes to the fire 22 minutes before the fire happens?
Grissom: Somebody that knows it's going to happen.
tvguy: Mr. Grissom, we might have missed that, can you say it again for the camera?
Oh, the GLARE.

tv.com also gives me the following exchange, which I don't actually remember:
Cameraman: Ever hear the saying "only the dumb ones get caught?"
Greg: Yeah, but we catch the smart ones too.

Cath: We live in a desert, Gil.  If you wanna see a woman's toes, all you have to do is look down.

tv.com says:
The CSIs become the focus of a reality TV series, which follows them while they investigate a serial rapist, who recently gained access to a woman's apartment by posing as a fireman. Also, Warrick's work on the late-shift is causing problems with his marriage to Tina.
Um, the Warrick&Tina thing was like a one-minute scene.  And of course it is a surprise to no one.  Come May sweeps Warrick and Tina will break up, and S7 will have Warrick/Catherine UST.

tvguy: That case is even colder than the one you already have.  You'd almost be better off with a new victim and a new crime scene.
Sara: That might be true, but that is definitely not the outcome we're looking for.

When they show the photo of the vic's feet and Brass or whomever says they are nice feet?  They totaly looked like boring feet to me.

I'm confused by how/why a guy who has no legs is on a treadmill.

Robbins: Women are four times as likely to be the victims of sexual assault, and men are 10 times as likely to be the murderer.
I know I'm mangling the quote there, and unfortunately tv.com doesn't have it.

CBS says:
"In a wrap-up, the TV producer gets closing statements from the team. Dr. Robbins points out that it is a four-to-one ratio, women to men, when it comes to being a victim of a sexual crime, and a ten-to-one ratio of male murderers to female murderers."

I grant Cath using their videocam flashlight, but turning it on the rape video?  I squicked at that.

Cath (on her daughter): I keep a vial of her blood in my freezer.

tvguy: "Do you think forensics shows just teach criminals how to get away with crimes?"
Grissom: "Everyone learns from science.  It's all depends on how you use the knowledge."

Shallow notes:
What was up with Cath's shirt?
Nick looks so young with the floppy hair.  (And of course, watching reruns really messes with my sense of what the characters are supposed to look like.)
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