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Without a Trace 4.17 "Check Your Head"

YoSaffBridge!  I had seen on whedonesque that she was gonna be on, but I'd forgotten.  We open with pictures of her, but her hair's thick and glossy, rather than the fringe-of-the-'verse hair she was rocking in Firefly.  And I didn't recognize her from the voiceover either.  It wasn't until we see her face when she's at her computer that I realized.

My general feeling was "zomg, this episode wins at life."  Admittedly, it's seriously flawed.  I mean, Martin seems completely fine and Danny doesn't show any evidence of the last episode either.  And Elena's "nappy(?) time" comment was completely whack; and her strappy tank seems inappropriate work wear.  However, the fun and the gay and the cracktasticness.

Wouldn't Rachel become claustrophobic rather than agoraphobic?  Though yes, there's a certain lack of sense-making in brain diseases.  I totally get why she stopped speaking to Peter afterward, and thinking later about his comment that everyone always picked on the two of them, I can kinda see how after her best (only) friend abandoned her she would go to a "The world scares me" place.  Except, she's only been unable to leave her house for 2 years, and I'm unclear on the whole triggering thing.

The opening advice column was totally about a f/f relationship, so I actually assumed that was her niche audience, so I was surprised by her "I've never been a lesbian before.  I don't know what to do" at the end.

Jack's "I've never been a lesbian before, either -- though I did have that dream once; but that's another story -- but I have a feeling you can figure this one out" = omg love where is my fanfic right now plz kthxbie.

I liked that they didn't make a big deal about the gay thing.  Bianca mentions her ex, Viv says they'll need his contact info, Bianca says "he's a she," and that's it.

Okay, so the notes as I watched the ep:

Viv: Sorry to break into your lunch.
Sam: Don't worry.  It was a salad.

Dude, Sam, eat something.

Sam: How long's she been missing?
Viv: 5 hours.
Sam: I'm gonna go back to my salad.
Viv: She's an agoraphobic.

Jack: Are there the happily incarcerated?
Elena: According to the columns, there aren't the happily anything.
Jack: Yeah, I could have told you that.

Mac: I didn't sleep through every class at Quantico.
Sam: I did.


Rachel: The dark is just light hidden under an umbrella
kid: I liked it better when I could see it.
kid: Where do we wanna go?

Jack: "Pookie Bear"?
ex-con: Yeah, you wanna make something of it?
Viv: What, are we in grade school?

ex-con: Your cynicism is making me uncomfortable.

ex-con: I didn't have the vocabulary to process my emotions.

Rachel: I love pie -- of any kind.

She wants a gun!?  When we had the flashback with the dad I totally thought she was gonna go kill the dad.

Viv: Where were you this morning, Mr. Bear?

Sam: When I was a kid, I was scared of tomatoes.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!  (My thought is of the Saturday morning cartoon show, though -- though yes I know that was riffing on a movie.)

nekosmuse has talked about Martin's need for control, which definitely makes sense from what I've seen of the show, and I was thinking in this scene that he just can't understand irrational stuff like that and that Sam and Martin are so not a good match (in terms of a romantic relationship; obviously they can work cases together).

Sam: The high school cafeteria shamed it out of me.

"Wei Phan"

How is it so hard to get his name right?  I mean, you live in NYC, people.

Wei Phan: Out, in – not so hard.
Rachel: Would you stop doing that?

Wei Phan: Look, a crazy lady paid me 50 bucks to drag her out of her house.  That's all I know.

Peter (in interrogation room): This is my living room – I was in my living room.

Jack Malone: You're a stalker, Mr. Hill. You are the principle suspect in a kidnapping case. You've written her I don't know how many letters. You're a drunk, and apparently, you're an indiot.
Peter Hill: (Indignantly.) I am not a drunk.

"And apparently, also an idiot."
Jack, you're not helping.

Young Rachel: If my fingers fall off, I want a rematch.

Young Rachel (when Young Peter wants to go get beer): You know there's a reason I always beat you.

Bianca: He thinks "Boss" is a little white collar.
Viv: I'll bear that in mind.

Sam: Family olive oil business? You've got to be kidding me.
Viv: Guy's got to make a buck. At least he's not into waste management.

I knew waste management from The Sopranos but having not seen The Godfather didn't know that one.  (tv.com told me.)

"What's this, Charlie's Angels?"

(following the introduction of the three special agents) "Well isn't that special?"

Mob Enforcer: You got a warrant in your pocket, toots?
Vivian Johnson: You got an unlicensed firearm in that jacket?
Mob Enforcer: Well, let's all frisk each other and see what we find.

dad: "Too busy for an espresso?"

I was amused that they were all "No, okay, we could totally go for some coffee."

dad: "Bianca -- better than all her brothers; she had the wrist for it."

My immediate thought was of Rachel and her bowling.

dad: "I had that, k.d. .... k.d. ..."
lackey: "k.d.lang"
dad: "Yeah, I had her music stuck in my head for weeks."

dad: "Good 'cause I don't want my daughter with anyone who won't leave the house except for special occasions."

dad: "She kept going on about a bowling alley.  I assume that means something to you nice ladies."

Danny (on the rock-paper-scissors): "It's an FBI thing."

Rachel Gibson: What is wrong with you?
Jack Malone: We don't have enough time to discuss that subject. What is wrong with you?
Rachel Gibson: I'm an agoraphobic.
Jack Malone: You live fifteen miles from here. You've got to be the world's worst agoraphobic. Look ... the only reason that you're laying here is because you don't know how to tell your ... your girlfriend that you like her.
Rachel Gibson: I've never been a lesbian. I don't know what to do.
Jack Malone: I've never been a lesbian either. Well, I did have this dream once. It's a different subject, but look, I can't help you, okay?

I really enjoyed Jack not knowing how to refer to Bianca but actually not being an asshole.

Jack Malone: I know everything, okay? I know about the convict, the laundry guy, the mobster. You know, for somebody who's been locked away in their apartment for two years, your life is a hell of a lot more interesting than mine.

tv.com doesn't include her saying "You don't know everything [anything?]" and Jack replying, "Then fill me in; I still gotta do all the paperwork."

Danny Taylor: We're morbid, Jack.
Jack Malone: Why is that?
Danny Taylor: Well, unless something really bad is happening to somebody, it just doesn't feel like a day at the office.

Danny and Jack (in unison): That's amore!

Aww.  (Plus, of course, folding back to the opening of the episode.)

I'm primed to twitch "exploitative!" at the f/f kiss at the end, but it was so far from titillating; it was just a happy ending.
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