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UnitHead wins at LIFE!

So, I have Firefly fanmade calendar pages up on the wall by my desk. UnitHead comes over (after signing yet another batch of reimbursements -- "It's good to be loved," he quipped) and says, "Did you see the show, or just the movie?"
"Oh I saw the show when it first aired. Hardcore. Saw Buffy and Angel when they first aired, saw the second of the Boston advance screenings of the movie..."
"Oh you are hardcore."
"I'm watching the show now, not going to see the movie until I've finished the show."
"Which is as it should be."
"That's what people tell me. I'm really enjoying the show."
"I'm glad." *tries not to die of fangirlness*

Sidenote: Florian brought back chocolate from his European trip and shared.
     mini-mozartkugel ... I kid you not.
Tags: fannish: squee, food, loot list

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