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CSI rerun: "Cats In The Cradle..." (2.20)

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BRASS:  Welcome to a 4-45.
SARA:  Explosives.  It's been a while.

ROBBINS:  Glad I'm a dog person.
GRISSOM:  You know, house cats have only been domesticated for 4,000 years.  They still have predatory instincts.
CATHERINE:  Only 4,000?

ROBBINS:  Muscle layers decrease with age.  Fascia and tissue layers are easy to penetrate.  Can't tell you much about the weapon but the wound track is slick.

     Ah.  I was wondering later how you could kill someone with a pen.

SARA:  I will see your end cap and raise you a grommet.
NICK:  Yet the grommet's fully intact.  How did it survive the blast?
SARA:  I don't know, but they always do.
NICK:  And just when I thought you knew everything.
(SARA smiles, embarrassed.  BRASS enters.)
BRASS:  How's the puzzle?
NICK:  Hey. Pieces are small, but it's coming together.

     I don't *feel* the Nick/Sara, but there's definitely subtext written in.

SARA:  Do you personally know how to make a bomb?
JONATHAN CLADDON:  It's not hard.  Anybody here could show you how.
NICK:  So, I take that as a "yes"?
JONATHAN CLADDON:  If you're implying I had anything to do with all this ... I love my wife.
SARA:  Not enough, apparently, to be there for her last night.

GREG:  Before you ask that swab of yours, from the end cap ... let's play "name that chemical compound."  Today's category: "Explosives."  30 seconds on the clock.

     And Nick plays along!

NICK:  Thanks, Greg.  What'd I win?
And, um, I saw on crack_van a long time back a rec of a shift fic riffing off that, so having seen the episode now of course I had to check it out and DAMN!  The very last few lines don't quite work for me, but on the whole it is so solid, and it takes me to all sorts of happy smutty possibility places.

(SARA smiles.  NICK enters the Print Lab.)
NICK:  Hey.
SARA:  Hey.
NICK:  Well, you look ...
SARA: Happy?
NICK:  Smug, actually.

     She looks happy to me.

JONATHAN CLADDON:  You found the end cap?  That's not easy.
NICK:  Hey, if I were you I'd worry about my fingerprint.  How'd it get there?

NICK:  So, you're telling us someone broke into your vehicle and stole a single stick of dynamite?

JONATHAN CLADDON:  Is that what Mr. Tobin told you?  Marcie's the best thing that ever happened to me.  Plus, I've got an ulcer.  Do you have any idea what an affair would do to me?  I work my butt off for her old man.  I barely have enough time to sleep let alone Romeo some other girl.  And the truth is, nothing I ever do is good enough.  Tobin wouldn't even let Marcie take my name.
BRASS:  Cry me a river, Johnny.
JONATHAN CLADDON:  You're looking at the wrong guy.
BRASS:  Then point us in the right direction.
JONATHAN CLADDON:  Marcie handles the payroll and she has a rep for
shortchanging overtime.  Talk about pissing people off.  Any one of those guys could have put that bomb in her car.
SARA:  Why didn't you tell us this before?
JONATHAN CLADDON:  Because it's not her fault.  She's just doing what her father tells her.

     Pan to Debbie Stein's shoes....  Yes, Cat and I both thought of Emma.

DEBBIE STEIN:  She was a pig.  Her house stunk.  She didn't belong in the
GRISSOM:  So, I guess it's safe to say you weren't friends?

GRISSOM:  Your mother died and you never claimed the body.  How come?
TYLER ELLIOT:  Funerals are expensive.  I'm broke.
SGT. O'RILEY:  Records show he filed for bankruptcy last month.
TYLER ELLIOT:  I figured ... let the county pick up the tab.  No one was going to show up anyway.  It's not like we were close.
SGT O'RILEY:  So, how often  did you see her?
TYLER ELLIOT:  Twice a month.  Went over, made sure her bills got paid.  Brought her medication.  Stocked the fridge.  All the stuff any good son is supposed to do.
This made me think of how my mom is so much more saintly than I am, because I would totally be that minimal caretaker for my grandma.  (Though actually, as I was telling my brother last night, I would in fact do the 45-minute conversations with her every night, I would just wanna cry.)

TYLER ELLIOT:  I'm flat broke and she gives her house to complete strangers.  Can, uh ... can somebody drive me back to my car, if we're done?

(MARCIE TOBIN and JONATHAN CLADDON walk outside to meet with NICK and SARA.)
MARCIE TOBIN:  You know, since my car blew up everybody is in my business.  All of a sudden, everybody has something to say.  You know, an opinion, a theory.  My life is an open book and my father wants me to hire a bodyguard.  For what?  To protect me  From who?  You know what I think?  Someone put the bomb in the wrong car.  I think they confused our house with somebody else's because stranger things have happened.
SARA:  Marcie?
MARCIE TOBIN:  Yeah. Sorry.

     Sara is really pretty this episode.

NICK:  You know, when I was 16, I begged my mom for a car.  Swore she'd come through.
SARA:  What happened?
NICK:  Encyclopedia Britannica.
(He chuckles at the thought.)
NICK:  All 24 volumes.  Still own them, still use them.  Okay.

     I love the "still own 'em, still use 'em" line.  The delivery is great.

tv.com says:
The song that's playing in the background that Greg is listening to is "The Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson
GREG:  I could have been a rock star.
GRISSOM:  There's still time, Greg.

GREG:  Uh, well, I like to rub it all over a lady's body. Even better ... I, uh ... like it when she rubs it all over me.

     Oh, Greg.

GRISSOM:  Possibly used as a preservative to prevent rusting of high-carbon
CATHERINE:  Like the blades of knives.
GREG:  Old knives. New ones are made from stainless steel.  Yeah, I'm like a sponge.  I just absorb information.
GRISSOM:  I thought that was my line.
GREG:  Yeah, and I absorbed it.
CATHERINE:  (clears her throat)  Okay, so ... knives, screwdriver, ice pick, letter opener.  We're looking for a weapon with a splash of mineral oil.  I'll grab the A.L.S.
GREG:  An A.L.S. For mineral oil?
GRISSOM:  Mineral oil fluoresces at 525 nanometers when filtered through a kv590.  A little more absorbing ... a little less rock and roll.
Okay, my reading of the scene was that when Greg said "and I absorbed it," Grissom actually looked impressed.  (He's hard to read, though.)

We always see them fluoresce for blood.  They can put it at a different frequencies (or whatever the correct term is) to test for different stuff?  Neato.

CATHERINE:  Where are you going?
GRISSOM:  Following the evidence.

GRISSOM:  One thing about my mother even though she was deaf, she was always the boss.
CATHEIRNE:  Huh. Well ... single mom ... juggling a job, a boyfriend.  It's just easier to say yes than no and then eventually, they just keep asking for permission.
This reminded me of the consistency obession I inherited from my dad, about credible threats and everything.

MARCUS REMMICK:  (o. s.)  Guess I must have shut it, then.  I wasn't thinking; I was reacting, you know?  No harm, no foul.
NICK:  No prints.
MARCUS REMMICK:  Come again?
NICK:  Well, if you were pawing all over the hood then your prints should be on it.
SARA:  And they're not.
MARCUS REMMICK:  I wear gloves.
SARA:  You're not wearing them now.
MARCUS REMMICK:  I wear them most of the time.

(NICK picks up the vice grips from the tool chest and looks at it.)
NICK:  You got any clay?
SARA:  No.
NICK:  Well... we can't just take the tool without a warrant.
(SARA looks down into the trash bin and picks up a sandwich thrown in there.)
SARA:  But ... we can improvise.  Trash is trash.
NICK:  Cheese. Nice.

MARCUS REMMICK:  You guys having fun?
NICK:  A blast.  Hey, man ... these yours?
MARCUS REMMICK:  Don't use vice grips -- pipe wrench has a better feel.  Must belong to one of my mechanics.
SARA:  Thanks ... I'll take the prints on those.
(SARA takes the cheese and walks over to her CSI kit.)
NICK:  Boy, you just have an answer for everything, don't you?
MARCUS REMMICK:  Yeah, I guess I do.

     Look of death from Nick.

MARCIE TOBIN:  Why would I put a bomb in my car?
SARA:  Not only did you put a bomb in your car -- you made it yourself.
MARCIE TOBIN:  Why would I do that?
BRASS:  The business registration shows that you own 25% of your father's company.  So Nevada's a community property State-- you divorce Johnny he becomes a part-owner of Tobin Construction.  That wouldn't sit too well with dad, would it?
SARA:  But if Johnny goes down for attempted murder, he goes to jail and you get to keep everything, because a criminal can't benefit from his own

     malFEEZence, huh?  I always internally pronounce it "malfee-es-sense."

NICK:  (v.o.)  You snagged a stick of dynamite out of Johnny's SUV, took an end cap out of inventory, knowing we'd trace it back to Johnny if we found it.  And then at the body shop, you put it all together.
MARCIE TOBIN:  So what if I made a bomb?  That's not a crime.
NICK:  Really?  You sure about that?

     Ooh, falsely accusing her mom.  Nice inversion with  6.16 "Up in Smoke".
And yeah, I so called early on that the chattier girl was a sociopath.  Funny story, the quieter girl was a sociopath on The Inside.
JESSICA TRENT:  Tattletales burn in hell.
(JESSICA turns to CATHERINE and sits back in her chair.)
JESSICA TRENT:  The old lady should have just given me the cat.  I lied before.  She wasn't nice.  She was mean.
The "tattletales burn in hell" line, as if the other girl was the one who had done anything wrong ... quite disturbing.

GRISSOM:  Did you know?
JANET TRENT:  (crying)  I told the girls that they could have a cat if Mrs. Elliot gave them one.  I knew she never would.  That's why I made the promise.
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