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weekend update

RA is going to be in Puerto Rico this week, so I stayed a bit late on Friday making sure I knew everything I needed to about anything I would have to deal with this coming week.

Then I went and met Cat at Harvard.  She had bought flowers for my family (‘cause we're hosting her for much of Break) so yeah, we walked through the Yard holding hands and flowers :)

After dinner we totally mainlined S1 CSI.  I started dozing off during the end of the penultimate episode on the 3rd disc but figured I'd finish the disc and then go to bed.  Um, I definitely slept through the middle half-hour or so of that last episode.  So we went to bed around 7am.  And then around 12:30 I woke up and was ready to get up.  What's up with that?  Cat was already up, but she at least had slept until 11 on Friday; I sure hadn't gotten any particular extra sleep recently.

So after we had food and I had a shower we recommenced mainlining (beginning with the episode I slept through, of course), breaking for dinner and that was about it.  Finished S1, including the (minimal) Special Features, and then went to bed ~3am.  17hrs5min, baby.  [Individual episode writeups coming, eventually.]

I woke up a couple times and did actually consider going to church, but I didn't haul myself out of bed until around 12.

Cat and I took the train in to Boston and L. (one of the uber-chatty library patrons) was sitting in front of us but actually only talked to me a little bit; I was shocked.  St. Patrick's Day parade today, who knew?  So there were definitely crazy teenage type people on the train, but not too bad.

I checked out the apartment.  I like it a lot.  I'm not certain I'll get it -- the woman's 28 and seemed a bit hesitant about the fact that I haven't really done the apartment living with other people thing before, but for the most part I think we'd be a good fit as housemates.  We shall see.  (And zomg, April 1st move-in?  I already have social plans for various times in April.  Crazy to think I might be living in an apartment in the city that soon. And also the idea that I'd be switching churches before Easter -- though of course I could always come home for stuff.)  For my reference: Walking easily, it takes 15 minutes to get from the apartment to Memorial Hall -- of course, then it takes another like 5 minutes to get through the Yard to the T station.

When I got back to South Station the parade was over, so of course there were more crazy people on the train home.  I actually moved one car down because I didn't wanna put up with one batch.  One of whom actually got kicked off the train right when it was gonna leave.  The conductor just told him to get off.  I almost wished I'd stayed ‘cause I was curious as to why he got kicked off.

Okay, bedtime now.  Will catch up on flist and comments tomorrow.
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