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Okay, that was way less stressful than I was afraid it would be.

I was totally avoiding calling HBSP to place this order -- 55 each of 15 items -- but obviously I have to do it. The woman who took my order (Eleni) was super-chipper, but not in a grating way, and very competent and there was like no stress involved.

In other news, Mary Alice was talking about Steel Magnolias the other day and I mentioned I'd never seen it (though now I think I did see it, I just have very little memory of it -- Magnolia is the one I for sure haven't seen) and she said she owns it and would be happy to lend. I tend to think that I'm the only person who actually remembers when she says things like that, so I wasn't expecting anything to come of it, but I came in this morning and the DVD was sitting on my desk.

Now to catch up on LJ comments.
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