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In which Elizabeth updates a lot while at work.

I was, as previously stated, very hungry, so I called Mary Alice about going to lunch on the early side. Turns out there's a Resource Fair from 11-2 with snacks. The snacks turned out to basically consist of cookies -- no water even :( -- but it sated my hunger. And I did pick up some schtuff.

CommuterChoice is as always my favorite people.
April 7: Walk to Work Day
flyer: Join us for food, fellowship & prizes celebrating National Walk to Work Day and the faculty and staff who walk to work. At the Malkin Athletic Center Quad. Friday, April 7 (rain date April 11), 7:30am-9:30am. Please pre-register by email to: commuterchoice@harvard

They had a "Getting Around in Cambridge Map" but Amanda was disappointed because she was hoping for an updated version of her Professor Pathfinder map. Looking at said map I could see why she was disappointed. So I did some Internet searching. Way cool. And one of the viewable details for the New England college map is the Five College Area :)
The Bargain Bin section of their order form includes:
Mystery Pack: as many old and damaged maps as we can fit in a 9x12" envelope ($15.00)

Millionaire today I remembered the University of Chicago nuclear question (because my dad went to University of Chicago). $250thou. And the next guy's easy questions were very familiar. Clearly a rerun. Maybe we came in late last time? 'Cause I didn't remember seeing the $50thou question -- which I got right thanks to Skarda's class :) Byron & co. storytelling during a storm led to the creation of which literary monster? And they even said it right. (Frankenstein's monster rather than Frankenstein.) Must e-mail Skarda. Eric was all up in arms that it was such a high dollar question, but I pointed out that who besides English majors was gonna know?

In other news: musesfool was talking about a rock 'n' roll Firefly AU and mollita wrote a third installment of her Nashville AU.

Edit: Job tasks today have included photocopying, attempting to track down a library copy of a book, and further discussing comma splices.
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