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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Thursday (and Friday): Joy Sadhana

I was going to do Joy Sadhana yesterday, to counterbalance the whinging, but then I was doing stuff with people.

So, if I had done Joy Sadhana yesterday, joy items would have included:
* fireplaces
* warm applecrisp
* K from MPN [look at me go being discreet with names and companies] called; he's always lovely
* being faux-Lutheran with Cat [where the opening responsive bit was Psalm 42:1-10, which made me think of you]
* being (faux-)gay with Cat
* watching CSI (with Cat)

Joy (accomplishment) so far today has included:
* being able to obtain the materials Prof.D. wanted "ASAP - as in today" even though two of them turned out to be CD-ROMs
* realizing there's an easy way to make the TecDoc order I'd been putting off since Tuesday [we won't dwell on the fact that if I'd done this earlier I would already have the documents to deal with while it's slow instead of this coming Monday when I expect return-from-being-away craziness with Prof.B.]
* seeing V!A, who adores me (she said I look "marvelous," and reiterated her pleasure that HBS hired me, because when I temped for her I handled so much stuff so well that she believes I could handle anything)

Why are you cast down, my soul?
Why are you disquieted?
Trust the Lord to make you whole,
As his faithful word has said.
Hope in God, whose saving grace
Lifts again the downcast face.

-from last night's Evening Prayer bulletin
Tags: ego boost, joy sadhana

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