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"love lasts forever, forever and for real..."

Aw, my friend Jonah is so cute. My away message was "painting banners and stuff at LBTA. leave me some love." so he IMed me: "Elizabeth, you're the best! Love, Jonah"

We watched But I'm A Cheerleader, which was fun. I ended up not really helping out much, but everyone said that was okay. And we're meeting again on Wednesday, so maybe i'll be helpful then. I now have a really cool 1997 Smith College LBA t-shirt. Someone found a bunch of them in a box. I think we should rename the LBTA "True Directions." *wink* Some people were looking through a national dierctory of LBTA type organizations trying to come up with a cool new name. We're already using PRISM for Queer Women of Color. We could use Spectrum. HUGS (Helping Unite Gays and Straights) is really cute but of course not sufficiently inclusive.

How Obsessive Are You Over Buffy?

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How Big of a Buffy Fan Are You?

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Oh, and Meredith decided she hated her journal layout (i was a fan, but it's her journal of course) so no one should look at it until she says so.
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