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“She needs backup... Anya, Tara....”

So this morning i got up early to work on my Soc paper and when i came out of the bathroom i heard the bells. Who ever heard of Mountain Day being on a Monday, and with no Quad Riots preceding it? So i had the morning to veg (and take a nap) and do work. Then i went to the museum in the afternoon and helped clear out files. I change my mind about how much i like my job at least once or twice a day. I skipped the Tim Wise lecture on white privilege and eventually stopped sucking at being an English major and finished my Soc paper, which actually came out decently. I also did laundry. Why does the machine not want to take my OneCard?

Dude, Meredith is doing SIMS with people on her friends list (we take up 2 houses). I look so damn cool and am in a house with Amanda, Britta, Sarah, and of course the girl herself ‘cause she gets to be in both houses.

Oh, and Angie started a Firefly community.

Aw, i’m listening to my direct-from-TV soundtrack. I had forgotten how much cute dialogue there is within the songs. No wonder some of the songs seemed so short on the official soundtrack.

My computer was angry with me for most of the day, so i’m gonna do another defrag and virus scan. I also need to stop leaving it on all the time. Sigh. Also, my printer dislikes me.

I don’t know what i want. I feel unfulfilled or something. I think i feel directionless. Also, as my mother pointed out, i hate “playing by the rules” (i.e. research and papers and such because i have to, in a certain style, etc.). I keep saying “well i just have to make it through this week,” counting down to weekends or breaks or whatever, but i realized today that i’m never gonna have a break until i’m done. Winter Break, baby. So i need to just suck it up and make prioritized to-do lists and not procrastinate and basically make the most of my time here.

Monday, September 30, 2002

The Moon is in the sign of Cancer all day again today, emphasizing our hidden emotions, our need to nurture and be nurtured, and all aspects of home life. Since the Moon is the traditional astrological “ruler” of Cancer, its return to this sign is like her homecoming. We all are more in touch with our feelings than usual. This may or may not be easy, since our feelings can make us vulnerable. Additionally, Mercury is in a creative biquintile aspect to electric Uranus, activating brilliant thoughts that can be difficult to integrate into our lives.

CANCER (Jun 21–Jul 22): You’ve been wallowing around in your own emotional juices, and although it may feel okay, it’s probably just because you are accustomed to it. If worrying ever became an Olympic event, you’d be a contender for the gold medal. You may have things in your life to worry about, but sometimes it difficult for you to separate your unconscious fears from the real ones.

Which Buffy Episode Are You?

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