Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"standing just outside the circle of light"

So, having gotten only ~4 hours of sleep I was fading around 6:30pm.  Going to bed then would have given me ~12 hours of sleep and an average of 8hrs/night for the two nights -- but I thought if I went to bed then I wouldn't actually be able to fall asleep.  So I puttered and tried to get stuff done and then I got sucked into LJ comments and ~10:30 I turned in for the night.  ~11:30 I was still awake.  Grr.  And here I was hoping I wouldn't be one of the walking dead at work.

So now I'm awake, trying to function at a high enough level that I get my recs page updated (something that should have happened on Saturday).  I was tempted to do Remix this year and am glad I didn't given the convergence of work craziness, but I would really like to do it next year and am using that as motivation to actually finish assorted fics I have on the back burner.  I keep being tempted to do a "what do you want me to write/finish" poll-type thing to help me focus on something, but I know that would backfire.  Anyone have suggestions for the fact that I am crap at finishing anything?

(Oh, and Senior Banquet's on a Thursday.  Bollocks.  At least this is added motivation for me to go to Graduation.)

Edit an hour later: Okay, the pathetically small site [recs] update is done. I foresee a much longer list next month. (Oh I have so much to read and feedback.)

Let's try that sleep thing again. [5 hours of sleep; rock on.]

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