Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Today was sane and I was competent.

While I was helping her with stuff this morning, RA thanked me for coming in at 8:30 today, convenient and all.  I shrugged and said it was more like twenty minutes of and wasn't so much on purpose as just the way the trains run, commenting that when I get a place in the city I'll be here like 5 minutes of; cue sad face from her.

Looking for pens, I ended up cleaning up [read: organizing] the supply closet and later also did the cabinets under the fax machine and also my desk.  *wins*

A guy came in looking for Alyssa, said he was a friend of hers, wanted to e-mail her some files off a memory stick, but she had gone to lunch so I had to decide whether he was shady or not.  I tend to be fairly trusting and would have let him use my computer, but the conversation was enjoyable, and then he noticed my wall and said, "Is that a Serenity calendar?  Where'd you get that?"  So I explained it was fanmade and we talked about the movie, and the series, and the comics (which he didn't know existed) and yeah, good people.  Shared fannishness is love.

Delivery guy came by and asked, "Who services [first name last name of a professor]?"  ...

I kept up with all the stuff I needed to and even had time to do some fic reading/feedbacking.

I get a lot of junkmail on my fannish e-mail address, and recently the Sender names have been pretty awesome:

+ flack harrow
+ outer lines
+ housed tabla

And the winning Subject line (from "Vonda Blevins"): cheers to your healthy life
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