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How did it get this far into the night already?

HBS Announcements
·      Bloggership: How Blogs are Transforming Legal Scholaship: Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet & Society invites you to attend a Blogging Event on April 28. Click here for more information. (4/10/06)
April 28 is a Friday.  It's not a teaching day, though . . . .

Edit: Oops. The PDF is an intranet link. I poked a bit and found basically the same info here, though it doesn't have the address (1587 Massachusetts Avenue • Baker House 102). I uploaded the PDF to my site. /edit

Waiting for the Red Line at South Station this morning there was a blond woman in black (turtleneck and knee-length skirt) playing violin (no music stand).  This is why I should carry change (read: quarters -- not the dimes&pennies I often have).  Also, I need a violin icon.

Walking to HBS I was behind possibly the tallest woman I have ever seen (and usually I don't notice when people are a few inches taller than me); red (orange) hair about to her shoulders, black coat like mine but only about to her knees.

Last night, Eric went to see Marisol (by Jose Rivera) at Emerson.

I was talking with RA while she was doing some work on the computer and she's not so much stressed as just tired and I was rubbing her back 'cause it's what I do and she was so pleased and I'd forgotten how soothing it is for me to do that. I miss that.

Yesterday I left work right at 5 and restrained myself from rushing to the T Station 'cause I felt like I should be rushing even though I knew I didn't have to.  I ended up quite a few minutes early.
Today I left at the same time and was more comfortable strolling and ended up at the T Station just a bit later than usual but almost late for my commuter rail connection.
I feel the moral of this is that I should just bloody well hustle.

Walking to the T Station I was behind a woman wearing white stiletto sandals, no stockings.  After a bit she just took off her shoes.  I wanted to say something laudatory to her but couldn't think of how to phrase it.

As I hurried through South Station to get my train I saw the Clothesline Project up (BARCC).  Teh Intarnet tells me it was one day only.

"Make room for the extra passengers from the ballgame," the conductors announced.  I actually felt like there were fewer passengers than usual.  (I didn't have to share my two-seater, for one.)

My college yearbook came today.
Our attempt to deliver the TXT Message notification to your wireless device from Verizon Wireless My Account was unsuccessful.
        You have previously selected to be notified, via Free TXT Message on your VZW wireless phone, of certain account-related activities such as "Bill Ready", "Payment Confirmation", "Change Feature".
        There are a few reasons why your TXT Alert (Message) may have been unsuccessful including the following:
        # Your VZW wireless device was turned off for more than 24 hours
        # Your VZW wireless device has a TXT Messaging block on the Verizon Wireless Network.
Yeah, I don't have my cell phone on at work, and when I nap on the train home I don't turn it on, so I definitely have it off for whole days at a time sometimes.  ('S not like anybody calls me much anyway.  I did get your text the day it snowed, though.)  I always just assumed it stored text messages like it would voicemails, though.  (I also thought my brother and I had tried to stop it sending us text messages since we get e-mail notifications of payment anyhow.)

My workplace has been healthy recently, but plague and injury seems to be, well, plaguing, the flist; and Terry was home with bronchitis last week.  What up, yo?

Also, I am being reminded that I am unusual in actually liking a desk job.

P.S. From my dad, David Kopel (of Volokh Conspiracy) on The Judas Gospel.  Have added it to my original post on the matter. The post also links to intelligent writings from a modern Gnostic.
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