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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Easter Monday]

-Mary Oliver

    Sweet Jesus, talking
      his melancholy madness,
        stood up in the boat
          and the sea lay down,

    silky and sorry.
      So everybody was saved
          that night.
            But you know how it is

    when something
        different crosses
          the threshold—the uncles
              mutter together,

    the women walk away,
      the young brother begins
          to sharpen his knife.
            Nobody knows what the soul is.

    It comes and goes
      like the wind over the water—
          sometimes, for days,
            you don't think of it.

    Maybe, after the sermon,
      after the multitude was fed,
        one or two of them felt
          the soul slip forth

    like a tremor of pure sunlight
      before exhaustion,
          that wants to swallow everything,
            gripped their bones and left them

    miserable and sleepy,
        as they are now, forgetting
          how the wind tore at the sails
              before he rose and talked to it—

    tender and luminous and demanding
      as he always was—
          a thousand times more frightening
            than the killer storm.

from New and Selected Poems, p. 97-98 // from House of Light (1990)

Mardi Gras through Easter Sunday and including Feast Days makes this the 49th different poet in the lent: 2006: daily poetry tag.

My idea had been to use this as a transition into Ordinary Time, but apparently we are in Eastertide for the 50 days until Pentecost and then it's Ordinary Time until Advent.  As far as my posting poetry is concerned, however, it is Ordinary Time.  April is Poetry Month, so I'm sure other people will continue posting, and I have books to finish reading but I'm going to enjoy the freedom from the obligation to select a poem each day.
Tags: lent: 2006: daily poetry, poetry: lent: 2006

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