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House 2.16 "Safe" [2006-04-04]

My obsessive self wants to do all the writeups in order viewed, which means tackling the CSI DVD backlog first, but I wanted to comment on the TVGuide coverstory on House.

Is it bad that if I were the boyfriend, after I failed to epi her I would have put the mask back on so the mom wouldn't kill me?

The theme song is Massive Attack's "Teardrop," huh? (Gotta love closed-captioning.)

House: "You answered?"
Wilson: "Turns out that stops the ringing."

House: You knew that I was interested -- that gives you a valuable bargaining chip. You could have me doing dishes for a week!

That's just so not how Wilson operates. And yet throughout the episode, House keeps behaving that way and giving Wilson examples as to how he could retaliate. My personal bias throughout this is that pranks are so not my thing, so this feels very juvenile to me and I have no patience.

House: "Six months without putting out, Dr. Cuddy doesn’t need to wear thong panties. It’s not our call."
Cuddy: "I was wondering when you’d get around to my panties"

Bzuh? I assume this is a reference to some previous episode.

[Maybe it was caused by exercise.]
House: "But what kind of exercise could a strapping young man and a nubile teenage nymphet be getting up to in a clean room?"
The last episode I saw was the one with the model (2.13 "Skin Deep"). Is this "House is all about sex" thing a recurrent theme? Does it have a purpose? 'Cause he's already acerbic, self-righteous, and doesn't care to have people skills; we need to add skeevy to the mix 'cause people like him too much or something? 'Cause "Skin Deep" was all about sledgehammering "zomg, House likes women, yo," which was both sleazy (on House's part) and annoying (on the writer's part -- and I'm not even at all invested in the sexualities of anybody on this show).

Cuddy(? I didn't note it): "These are your big ideas? Somebody's lying."
House: "Hasn't let me down yet."

The first episode of House I ever saw was "Fidelity" (1.07) -- the sleeping sickness episode. This episode turned me off the show forever; it was too cynical for me. This is saying something. The sledgehammer "everybody lies" theme of that episode (and from what I've gathered, the recurrent theme in the show) was just too much. Here's the thing: I hate humanity enough already; I do not need more reason.

Foreman: "She asked my opinion."
mother: "She's sixteen years old. Lie to her."

Okay, the first time she was left alone she had an major allergic reaction, didn't have her epi pen, drove to the hospital, had an accident and almost died. I wtf at the girl (a) eating a cookie (hello, peanut allergies? every packaged baked good evar nowadays warns that they process peanuts on the same machines) and (b) not having her epi pen on her (and how do you drive if you can't breathe? I mean, a few seconds after her attack in the opening sequence she couldn't even manipulate the epi pen herself). I can definitely see how the mom wouldn't trust her after that. The episode played it more like the mom worried the world would jump up and bite her daughter, though, which bothered me.

Cameron (on the patient's room at home): "This is cleaner than her hospital room."

Cameron (to the boyfriend): "You had unsafe sex? The whole “unsafe” thing didn’t tell you something?"

Chase: "And if we nip it in the bud, teenagers will never again have sex."

Chase: "They'll find out when they get the bill."
Cameron: [don't quite remember the wording of how this line opened] so long as you don't have to tell them
Chase: Pretty much.

Chase to Cameron: "Too bad it's not you giving the sample. We'd be done by now."

House (to boyfriend, re: a patient in a bed next to them): "He's just tired, from being in a coma so long."

House (to boyfriend): "Think lower and more fun."

House: "Great part of being a grownup, you never have to do anything."

"It's not an allergy, it's her heart."

House: What’s the good news, what’s the bad news.
Chase: Congestive heart failures.
House: Is…good news?
Chase: Yes.
House: Why?
Chase: Just sounded like you.
House: Another piece of the puzzle. Always a good thing.

House: [We didn't solve it; I solved it. At least, I think I did. Maybe I didn't.] "Still it was all me."

Foreman: "I say we assume House is right."
House: "Always tempting."

House: "There's a reason they call it the white board. It's not my rule."
How does House get away with being so offensive? I can understand why his underlings don't call him on it, but why doesn't fandom say "STFU you awful man?" Meta-post forthcoming.

Foreman: "So...you want to give me that black marker?"

Chase? (to Cameron): I hear you don't want teens to have sex. The teen suicide rate isn't high enough for you?

Chase (or whomever): Sure, it has nothing to do with her parents infantilizing her.
Cameron: Yes, that's why parents who don't pay attention get such nice, well-adjusted kids.

I totally agree that the daughter is being adversely affected by the mother's over-protectiveness. However, I am bothered by the glibness of Cameron's statement, because hello, there's a wide spectrum between infantilizing your children and ignoring them.

life expectancy of 5 or 10 years ... "That's why I need to have a life."
Is the life expectancy after a heart transplant really only 5 or 10 years? Ouch.
And that does make her insistence on having a life, right now, make more sense.

Otis Redding, "Pain in my Heart" as they operate on her heart -- intercut with Wilson waiting outside.
My mom didn't understand, but having been at college recently I immediately knew the stethoscope-on-doorknob thing was "Keep out; I'm having sex." Only I assumed either House had tossed off his steth and didn't think, or that he was dicking with Wilson. Partly this is because I forget about the canon hooker thing (Hi, I don't watch this show regularly).
I couldn't believe Wilson was actually taking it, not busting in, or going somewhere else...though admittedly he's just a houseguest, and he doesn't know it's tv....

House: It doesn't necessarily mean I'm having sex with another person.
Wilson: But it took so long!
House: Well there's all the foreplay, not to mention the cuddling afterward

Wilson: Oh, no wonder you were in the mood - this month's New Jersey Journal of Cardiology.
House: Have you seen the centerfold? There's no way those valves are real!

House: Lying's more fun.
Gee, House, could I hate you any more than I already do? And what makes this particularly interesting, is that in the context of the patients lying, lying is a bad thing (since it hinders the doctors' ability to come up with an accurate diagnosis).
It's possible I'm misremembering the context of this line.

And Wilson washes the dishes! Okay, I like doing dishes and really don't like dirty dishes lying around, and you know House isn't gonna do them tomorrow, but I would like lock them up or something. Don't dick with me.

"The transplant just gave her what she always wanted. [...] That's what makes this worse. All her craziness makes sense now. [...] I didn't even try to go outside; I was too scared."
I like the idea that her mom was always overprotective.

steppage gait (Is it bad that my first thought when they zoomed on her foot was "Joss' Summer Glau foot fetish!"?)

Paralysis, ascending ... so her parents worry she's gonna lose the use of her legs altogether.
Not being a parent in denial, I heard "ascending" and immediately thought, "up through torso, i.e. internal organs, she's gonna die."

Foreman: We'll see results in a couple days.
me: But you said earlier that the paralysis will hit her internal organs and kill her in 2 days. So if you're wrong you don't have any time to fix it.

3 voicemails...
Now this is just House being an asshole. Way to force the guy to stay with you. (And then later he bitches Wilson out for not doing enough to get out. Hi, if you hadn't deleted the voicemails he would be on his way out -- and if he weren't, you would have legitimate reasons to gripe at him.)

Wilson: You're miserable and you're lonely and you're going to trap me here into staying with you.
House: Oh yeah, you're so hap-hap-happy.
House: This isn't a fraternity. I scammed you into doing the dishes, I made you
Wilson: Oh, so this is therapy?
House: No, it just makes me smile.
Wilson: I'm finding a new place tomorrow.
House: Right. But not tonight. ... You're not going anywhere. You're going to sit on my couch and depress us both because you just can't admit that it's over with your wife. ... So long as you're here, it's just a fight. As soon as you get a place, then it's a divorce. Everything sucks. Might as well find something to smile about.

"So long as you're here, it's just a fight. As soon as you get a place, then it's a divorce."
So on top of being a medical genius, House is also wise in the ways of people. (Thus he is actively choosing to have no people skills -- which is no surprise, really.) Why does he get to know everything? Isn't that an obnoxious character trait (on top of his already abrasive manner, to boot)?

Love Wilson's quip about: figured you'd wanna shave eyebrows or something before I left, especially his resigned tone.

srichard: "What I liked most was that it was really, really clear that House was doing all this juvenile shit to take Wilson's mind off his unhappiness, and that, I totally dug."

This is one of those times when I fail at reading texts 'cause while I can see that in retrospect now that it's articulated for me, I didn't see it at all while I was watching the episode.

House is so obviously testing him. House is trying so so hard to push him out, to see if he can handle it, to keep him there.

And Wilson?

Wilson *so* wants to be there, but he can't admit it.
Edit: carla_scribbles:
House tests people. Period. All people. If you're going to be his patient, you'd better at least be interesting; if he's going to spend time with you voluntarily, you'd better be really interesting, and you'd better be able to deal with him. (Or, at least, to not deal with him, but in an interesting way. Hence, Cameron.) The closer he's thinking of letting you, the harder he's going to push. If you push back the right way, for long enough, you win; you get to move on up to the next level, and here's hoping the two of you will still be able to stand each other.

mother: She's always fought with me, but I never wanted her like this.
I also like the idea of the daughter havig always fought with the mom. And it's disturbing watching her (the daughter) just give up. And I like that the mom refuses to let her, fights with her.

"We're all dying."

House: She got herself a backdoor man -- side window boy.

House: 2nd opinion? We've given you at least 9.

House (to patient): Lying to your parents, usually a good idea, but there's an impending death exception.

Cuddy(?): Either that or you've stressed her into heart failure.

"Could cause death; death's worse."

"Temporary's fine; we're not hanging wallpaper."

House: "None of them -- the house is on fire."

Foreman(?): "We've already kidnapped her; you wanna add murder?"

"See? I told you it'd be more dramatic."
As soon as he suspected the tick was in her down-theres (and hi, if Foreman's right and they examined her 3 times looking for a tick, why did no one look there previously?) I knew the elevator door was gonna open with House in a very compromising position.

House calls Wilson on the b.s. (and dude, as soon as Wilson was all, "no, we have to..." I knew he was buying House some added time to search for the tick) and Wilson says he would never do that.
House: "Wouldn't respect you if you did."

And then he falls and we learn that Wilson sabotaged his cane.

me: Now he respects you.

tv.com notes:
It's a cute bit when Wilson files part way through House's cane, and it would work under normal circumstances. But a few minutes earlier House and Foreman were wrestling over it, and House was putting his full weight on it to pin Foreman to a wall and Foreman was pushing back. The cane certainly would have broken from that kind of pressure if it was filed like Wilson describes.

Which I had thought of too, but I figured Wilson just hadn't done a very thorough job so it didn't break until later.

Edit: carla_scribbles again [on whether Wilson understands that he's being tested by House]:
All he sees is that House is kicking him while he's down, and while the cane prank could be construed as a sign that he's gotten a clue, it's also significantly bigger and more mean-spirited than the juvenile crap House was pulling on him -- it could just as easily be translated as "There. You wanna play? I'll play. There. Now can we shut up and forget about it?"
"There. You wanna play? I'll play. There. Now can we shut up and forget about it?" would pretty much be my reaction. See above re: my lack of patience with juvenility.

And she makes a good argument about House testing people, but in a way he is kicking Wilson when Wilson's down.

I would also quibble with it being "more mean-spirited" than erasing three voicemails when Wilson's trying to get an apartment.


Wilson: I called a divorce lawyer today
House: Does that mean you're leaving?
Wilson: At some point. Um...you might not want to sit exactly there.

Dude, why do you tell him these things?

And they simultaneously put their legs up on the table.

Subject line of main post: It's Official. Dawn Has Been Punished Enough.
Opening line: As someone on TWOP aptly quoted: "Dawn's in trouble? Must be Tuesday."
[And House really does air on Tuesdays.]
Comment Subject: Does Anybody Even Notice (there's a tick on my...)
Comment Text: But now that you mention it, let's consider the special circumstances under which it latched and the words "increased blood flow." And ticks have proteins in their saliva that dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the location of the bite, so...ummm, good for Dawn?

Also: wisdomeagle brings in the SG-1 guest star.


quotes, attributions, contunity, etc. taken from assorted sources, with the following being the major ones:
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