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Crossing Jordan 5.19 "Mysterious Ways"

Is it because it's Easter season? I caught the last couple lines of Law and Order: Criminal Intent when I turned on the TV for Crossing Jordan last night, and it was "faith trumps science." And then there's this Tuesday's episode of House, which I'm actually curious to see.

So let's tackle the miracle worker aspect first.

Secular shows never commit to any sort of mysticism -- the closest we come is the ambiguities of shows like The X-Files -- so we knew from the beginning she wasn't really a miracle worker. Hypothermic metabolic suppression, huh? I've watched too much CSI 'cause I totally called the "He wasn't really dead" way of resolving this. My initial impression was that she was being credited with *multiple* miracles, and I wasn't sure how that would be resolved in a scientific fashion, but once it became apparent that it was just the one dead-raising and that the kid was hit by a car and she was right there, I was all over the "He wasn't really dead" thing.

Garret: "On morgue time?"
Nigel: "I get breaks."

Woodie: "Looks like Nigel was right; blind faith: bad."

The dad killing her reminded me like whoa of CSI "Pledging Mr. Johnson" (and to a lesser degree, "Primum Non Nocere").

Cavanaugh: "It wasn't the blow that killed her; you buried her alive."


I really liked the suspicion of the priest because I couldn't tell where the audience sympathies were supposed to lie (and thus couldn't telegraph where the show was gonna go).

tv.com says, "Early Title: Seek the Truth"

B-plot: Mahesh and Dr. Amy Bowen

I love that his first reaction was to recognize her as a brilliant doctor. And dude, a humanitarian one at that. Yes, her physical attractiveness played a role, but I think he had great admiration for her even without the photos that accompany articles.

And he wasn't skeevy at all. (Not that I would have expected him to be, but still. Props.)

"Well, if he won't sell, I can hold him down while you steal the ball."

I totally called that the guy would double the price after the sob story.

I was annoyed by his "This isn't over" because hello, what are you gonna do? But wow, he totally geeked out and saved the day.

And I loved his honesty of "I filled in the blank with what I wanted to hear." I do hope they get to be happy together for a little while before she leaves for the Sudan. (And yes, I was thinking of Grissom and Teri Miller. Only so very different.)

C-plot: Lily and the ADA (Jeffrey -- P.S. "Jeffrey Brandau"? How is "Brandau" a Jewish-sounding last name?)

"What my mother doesn't know can't hurt me."

That's one of those moments where I totally sympathize with both parties.

"He'd have said that himself instead of leaving you twisting in the wind."

True story, and yet, way to be a passive-aggressive bitch, mom.

"Is it my turn to twist in the wind now?"

Love the ambiguity of that. And I'm pleased that the big sweeps arc doesn't involve anyone I care about.

Garret: "Am I invisible?"
I love Garret. (And how much am I *not* watching next week's episode? A lot. And honestly, it strikes me as gratuitous. At least the way it was promoed.)

And lastly, Jordan and Woody.

Cavanaugh: "What point in our dysfunctional relationship would you like to revisit?"

This line actually makes me want to watch the series from his entrance to the present to *watch* their dysfunctional relationship -- even though I know I can only take Jordan in small doses.

"No issues, no problems, all friends."

I loved that in response to Lu's "I *know* you must have problems with this" she kisses Woody, as if to say "Fine, I'll work out my lingering desires or whatever." And then, in the interest of fairness, she kisses Lu! That, of course, is the moment at which the episode wins at life. And she totally kissed Lu for way longer than she kissed Woody.

I'm honestly not sure whether I believe Jordan that she doesn't have any problem with Woody/Lu. But she doesn't deal with things by sharing, so she's hardly gonna start now, and Lu's kinda butting in. Like, look, Jordan may or may not have issues, but it is not your responsibility to clear off all the old ground before starting your relationship with Woody, just let it go.

"I don't think we've grown apart so much as we're out of sync. I've grown up a lot this past year."
"And I haven't?"

True story, Woody. That's a harsh implication she made. And I'm hard-pressed to believe her. I mean, the last episode I saw was 5.12 "Code of Ethics" where Jordan made me wanna cry she was such a failure at life.
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