Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I am largely caught up on LJ. This pleases me.

immortalavalamp have continued to have fabulous House discussion, and the thought occurred that I=Cuddy and she=Cameron.  Which is an oversimplification I'm sure but regardless, makes me want to write the pairing.  (A pairing I totally don't see in the little of canon I've seen at all.)  I like the female characters on the show more than I do the male ones, but I'm not sure there are *any* I would really say I "like," so clearly the fact that this makes me want to watch the show from the beginning to get a feel for their relationship is ridiculous.  [And of course seeking out such fic is nearly as ridiculous since I would have almost no sense as to whether it was in character.  So I in no way checked out femslash06 and enjoyed this fic.  Right.]

They named a new dean for the B-School today and had a reception starting at 4:30.  Leaving aside the fact that I apparently got left off the e-mail list (it was announced on the myHBS page), I wasn't all that interested in going because I was feeling tired and wanted to make my usual train home.  Rich went for the free food, which I wholeheartedly validate and which would usually be a major draw for me as well.  Barbara talked about it as a networking opportunity, which weirded me out.  I mean, I understand what she means, but looking at every occasion as an opportunity to further your own aims rather than just enjoying it for what it is weirds me out. I also don't relish the idea of being "on" all the time.

I bumped into John on my way down the stairs to go home.  He's starting a new job at HBS May 10 which is actually a step up (he gets to have power over people) and we chatted about getting together outside of work sometime 'cause ya know, good people and all that. ♥ (Um, platonically. 'Cause he's married. However, gotta say, he told me he and the wife went away for the weekend and went to Northampton; he told me this because he knew I knew the area. J't'adore people remembering details like that; totally the way to my heart.)

And, um, I wrote Kennedy/OFC.  Because I am insane, clearly.

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