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House 2.19 "House vs. God"

Well that was unimpressive.  Short version: Decent balance of "Just because I believe in prayer doesn't mean I don't believe in germs and toxins." Nice discussion. Requisite crazyass diagnosis no one's ever heard of turning out to be the solution. Yay Wilson with spine. Boo to him sleeping with the patient.

Long version:

Solid lines as per usual.

House: "Have to go – building full of sick people. If I can hurry, I can avoid them."

Okay, the kid reads people well.  (Vengeful thoughts, though?  I was totally like, "Dude, everyone loathes House; no points."  I'd heard about the Cameron and Foreman thing, but obviously it didn't stick.)

boy: You can't love somebody and not trust them.
House: Trust has to be earned.

House and Wilson argued about the poker game outside the consultation.  She totally could have heard.  While I appreciate the idea of being attracted to neediness and then the relationship falling apart when the needy party gets better ("You've helped them too much") it felt like a really low blow to Wilson.

theatre_pixie mentioned Chase being a former seminarian, which was news to me-the-infrequent-watcher, but I love the way it was played in this episode and it totally makes me love Chase. ["God's loss; our gain."] I haven't seen the show enough to know how it actually plays out, so of course it could be a bad thing, but yeah, totally a Thing for me.

Wilson to House re: boy: "You're worried about trademark infringement?"

House's "People wanna live in the holes" rant: Discuss.

I'm intrigued by Cameron's analogy of penguins trying to think about nuclear physics.  However, I think the fact that we can conceptualize this possibility changes the equation somewhat.  Insert analogies about understanding things at different levels and "like a child" etc.

Loved Wilson's humility talk.  And it felt really genuine -- so much so that I was offended by House's statement that Wilson was manipulating the kid.  In retrospect I understand, but I really appreciated that Wilson really knew what he was talking about -- he could actually meet the person where they were.

Wilson: "You're mad at me because I lied to you and you didn't know."
Which strikes me as very true-sounding, and has interesting implications surrounding the whole poker game thing.

Wilson: "What if the fever's the innocent bystander?"
Love Wilson getting to have the winning idea (or at least trigger it).

House: "A gift is jewelry, socks."
I loved his intuition that the kid was purifying his body to atone for a sin of the flesh.  (And now I want a fanfic of that sex.  Because there are so many possibilities of how it could have happened, and wonderings of who initiated etc. hit my power dynamics buttons.)

Wilson: "It is possible to believe in something and fail to live up to it."
So true.  And I almost forgive the episode for the Wilson+Grace=>sex plot for that line.

House: "But we're okay?"
Wilson: "House, you are ... as God made you."
Wow, House actually concerned about maintaining a relationship with someone.

Edit: meredith_eats says: "Personally, I thought House invented the whole poker game because he felt hurt/abandoned when Wilson moved out and thought he'd feel better if he had something to exclude Wilson from. Then Wilson used the poker game as a bargaining chip and House was forced to scrounge up random strangers in order to have a poker game."
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