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link via ann1962: new LJ UserInfo/profile page setup being tested out
I'm not particularly a fan.

In a similar vein: The current LJ Portal is too cluttered for my taste (thankfully the normal webupdate page is still an option).  I would like LJ to have a page like myHBS where I can add my own bookmarks -- Tag Management, Poll Creator, other stuff that you have to poke to find, and also stuff that is on the sidebar like Recent Comments for convenience, and maybe even outside links like Joule).

On the Red Line home today the woman next to me was telling her companion that some guy had gotten killed at South Station this morning ~8:00, that some guy was leaning over to look for the train and it came too fast.  I find this difficult to believe, but okay.  This woman got her information from a friend who was stuck at the JFK stop for at least 20 minutes.  I know I got on a train to Alewife a little after 8:05, and when I got out at Harvard I heard something over the PA about a disabled train though I didn't hear which direction.  Boston.com and GoogleNews give me nada, which lends credence to my theory that this woman (women) is wrong.  I boggle at how this story got created if it wasn't true, though.  She was all full of details including "blood everywhere."

Update the next morning:
Coming into South Station on the commuter rail, I heard a woman a few seats away from me telling someone about how a guy had gotten hit by a train, don't people know you're supposed to "stand behind the yellow line," something about he couldn't hear though I'm not sure I caught that correctly, train had to be taken out of service.
I actually picked up a copy of the Metro, but nothing there, and Boston.com and GoogleNews still give me nothing.

TVGuide for May 1-7 came today.  The HotList actually intriguing.
Tuesday @10 on NBC: SVU focuses on teen obesity.  This is gonna make me angry, I know, but I feel like I have to see it.
Sunday @10 on NBC: Crossing Jordan season finale.  That was fast.  They win points with me for not dragging the Thing from the end of last episode through a month of sweeps.
I'm watching CSI and Without a Trace, natch.  Think I'll skip the upcoming House, though.
I should keep an eye our for the guest star season finale of How I Met Your Mother.  (trijinx, lemme know if there are other eps I should see.)
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