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"Everywhere I turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me."

On the commute this morning I was reading hth_the_first's "Daughters of Jerusalem" (via the Remix, which I haven't read yet). One of those fics where every line you wanna point and say "That's amazing." The Mal voice is spot-on, and all the details ... I didn't quite finish reading it, but it's one of those fics I just wanna live in.

Walked down to the Red Line, saw a young woman playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on violin. She reminded me of people I'd gone to college with -- about my age, stocky, self-spiking short hair. Dressed in pseudo-concert apparrel (black shirt, grey pants, nice flat shoes). There was a train in the station when I got down the stairs, but I stayed to listen and give her a dollar (plus it was super-packed, so it probably wouldn't have been worth the effort anyway). She was on her third piece when the next train came. Almost everyone gave her a dollar, which made me happy.

Coming in to work I saw they were putting down rectangles of grass on the lawn of my building. So bizarre. They'd cleared the lawn to dirt yesterday, but I just assumed they were gonna superseed it.
Tags: fanfic: recs, street art: buskers

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