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The self-indulgent fic discussion has prompted me to go back to a fic I started at least 2 years ago.  I was going to discuss her an issue I was having with it (trying to balance/weave two different ... moods? themes? ... in the same fic and also worry that I would be repeating myself treating one of the themes in another fic I'm interested in) but I managed to resolve it, so you're spared that.  I also got actual ideas about moving the story from Point A to Point B (which is good since the distance between A and B in this case involves serious relationship development).


Alyssa asked about the piles of books that have been sitting on my back desk since I got in Tuesday morning.  (Prof.B. asked me to type up a bibliography for someone.)
me: The joke is that I have to read them all.
Amanda: You wanted some light summer reading.
me: And I figured I'd better start in the spring so I could get through them all.


We had lunch early, so we caught the end of The View (because what else is on at 11:45am on a weekday even with cable?).  They had this whole presentation of summer shoes [for women, natch].  We griped about impracticality, and Eric posited that feet are ugly.  I chose not to tell him about Joss' Summer Glau foot fetish as I am still working on getting him into Firefly.


From the Registrar a few weeks ago:
"Your exam will open at 3 PM on Thursday, April 27 and close at 4 PM on Tuesday, May 2."

From: [RA]
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 2:53 PM
Subject: Exam Posted!

Reply from me:
If I didn’t have prior commitments tonight I’d take you out for a drink :)

Thanks! Actually Brown University is taking me out for a drink… (there’s an alumni thing tonight)

Fabulous timing!

(And there are cookies left over from Mike’s class if you wanna come up and grab a snack.)


I bumped into Michelle on the way out and talked to her for a while and then just didn't have the energy/motivation to hurry to the T.  I actually only missed my commuter rail by like a minute.  Oh well.  The next one boarded only about a half an hour later, so while I didn't get to be Lutheran I did get to work on the above mentioned fic some more.  Jumps to shmoopiness kept feeling out-of-character, so I keep staying in dark places with it, which is interesting since one of my earlier thoughts today was scrapping the dark theme.  I definitely think keeping it was a good idea because it actually moves the story along whereas without it it's basically a lot of poetry reading [as in, one character reading poetry to the other, not me writing poetry for inclusion/usage in the fic], with the only plot being the Part 2 which I'm still working out.


Today's "Who needs context?" item: my "stain-resistant soul," thanks to dinner conversation with my parents.


"There are few poems here in which the fault or failure of the human creature is not chillingly apparent."
    -John Frederick Nims in his introduction to the Andrew Hudgins collection Saints & Strangers
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