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CSI 6.21 & WaT 4.21

So, I'm thinking ... after Sweeps is over I'll finally catch up on episode writeups?  Doesn't help that I keep getting sucked into watching stuff.  I wanna see Ghost Whisperer's two-part season finale.  I didn't see the Cold Case or Close to Home previews with the sound on, so lemme know if those are need-to-watch ones as well.

I hate not doing full writeups the night of.  I couldn't resist mentioning a few things from tonight, though.

CSI 6.21 "Rashomama"

Oxford and HBS?  I couldn't not mention that.  I hate how no one ever mentions which college at Oxford (or Cambridge) on tv, though.  "[Blank] College at" is only three extra words, and it would satisfy the authenticity needs of us freaks.

Sara: "I'm not anti-wedding.  I'm just anti-stupid."
Have I ever loved you so much as I did in that moment?  Not often.

Without a Trace 4.21 Shattered

zomg I love Katie so much.  ("Can it be Danny?"  "You do like Ann, right?")  Makes me wanna watch the show from the beginning, any eps with the daughters in them, to watch for the differences between the two daughters.

Bed now?
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