Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I am much improved.

This evening i was listening to some of the Buffy music i'd downloaded and the music from "The Harsh Light of Day" came on. Damn, i'd forgotten how much i love I Bificus! So i put said CD on and did my Linguistics assignment. (Well, most of it anyway. I don't really get the last section, but all the rest was quite doable, which made me really happy.)

I finished my Sociology reading earlier, so now i just have to write my book review (for Friday), and i wanna do my Russian reading. Yay accomplishments and good moods.

Unrelatedly, i don't hate my job, but next year i definitely need to get a job doing something that isn't office work. Reference Assistant would be really cool. Or Circulation would be okay. Maybe working at Forbes. Not that the work has to be library-related, just something where i'm not filing etc. for 10 hours a week. (And i don't think i'd mind maybe doing a Saturday dish shift, but i am not cleaning 10 hours a week.) But yeah, i don't have to deal with this for quite a while, so i'm not going to think about it.

Also, people who leave me messages (AIM, LJ, e-mail, phone) make me happy.

And the fact that i will be very nearly home in 48 makes me very happy.

[edited to add that i now own a dark grey zip-up hooded Smith sweatshirt; yay]

VelmasLizard: I should skim the book i'm supposed to review but i'm so tempted to do my Russian reading instead. Sigh. I could neither and catch up on LJ. (why is there no devil smiley?)
Gonzo523: (laughs) I think you should do that.
VelmasLizard: :-) You're such a good influence.
Gonzo523: It's purely selfish, I assure you.
VelmasLizard: Oh i'm sure.
Gonzo523: OK. On to the diagrams. Yee-hah.
VelmasLizard: Enjoy. They're fairly easy until you get to the Korean page.
Gonzo523: Journal-away. Mention me at least twice.
Gonzo523: ;-)
VelmasLizard: Aye aye captain.
Gonzo523: As in, "Joan is way fabulous. Hail, Joan!"
Gonzo523: That's just a rough example. You're welcome to spruce it up a bit.

[and i can say "Joan" instead of your screenname if you want, but i figured you wouldn't care]

Joan's current away message is "Insert interesting Away Message here." which makes me laugh.

And yes, Joan is one of my favorite people.

Are you happy now?

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