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"You don't mind where you are, cause you know where you've been"

As often happens, when I sign on to AIM after a lengthy absence, I become immersed in a plethora of conversations.  Is good to be loved -- though 4 conversations at once is a bit much for me to juggle.  Hearing from people I haven't heard from in a long time is extra-good.

One friend reminded me about my Smith room ("you lived in room 212 and I live in room 212. Clearly we were destined to become friends.") which does make me feel comforted about fitting into a smaller living space.  And it's not hugely smaller, so it'll just be more cozy than I currently have.  And the intention is to cull the stuff I never use, so hopefully that'll balance out.  Reminders to self: (1) You love efficiency.  Let this motivate you.  (2) Do not whine to LJ lots, because that time can be better spent actually doing useful/productive stuff.

One of my friends is moving to 0.8 miles away from where I'm moving to.  Rock on dinner parties.

Bed now.  Will be out for much of the day tomorrow.  Am already behind on LJ etc. again.  Sigh.

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