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How I Met Your Mother 1.20 "Best Prom Ever"

trijinx said if I was gonna watch the season finale I should watch the remainder of the episodes leading up to it.  And we all know I'll do anything for her :)

Do you really need to both be present to make the deposit?
"Kids, color!"  Is she a kindergarten teacher or something?  'Cause that kind of unreal moment throws me out of a text so much.
"Don't sleep with anyone even remotely related to me." -Barney's job for the wedding, according to Lily

On the band: Do they not have samples you can listen to?  Okay you want to hear them play "your" song, but it's not like you need to go see them live to make an initial decision as to whether they suck or not.

Ted to Lily: "You're on board with Barney's idea?  You really have snapped."

Goth!Lily.  Oh goodness, it took me until just now but I finally realized who she was reminding me of: Buffy in the wig in the "men and their sales" scene in "Restless."  (Also: Ted keeps reminding me of Warren, in how he looks -- and thus of M and mine Common Ro concert.)

"lesbian encounter"

Lily looks like Punky Brewster in that scene at college ("You've got 'statutory' written all over you.")

"Field hockey, huh?"  I am not invested in these characters yet, but I think I like Robin best, and I think there should be more f/f in the world anyway, so yes.
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