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Wow, the week is over already.

Went to the second night of [the 9th annual!] NHS' student-written-and-directed one-act plays tonight.  I thought they were really weak, which made me sad.  I don't think I've been since I graduated, since I was always still at school.  I just remember a couple really powerful ones from when I was at NHS and had these expectations.
They also had a bunch of improv, which made me think of the SIKOS.  (And dude, improv that requires audience participation?  Not a good idea.)  Gotta say, I hearted the Channel Changer one, though.

My father pointed out that there were very few female performers, in striking contrast to my years at Norwood when the performers were almost all women.

Flist fails at reading comprehension/audience participation.  [I posted after a lunch, so it was a bit early to be hitting the tequila, and I got one comment.]

My mom busted open the second bottle of Riesling from Easter -- Covey Run (Columbia Valley, 2004).  I think it's drier and less flavorful than the one we had at Easter.

hernewshoes just made a great post about alcoholism spurred by the Pat Kennedy thing.  She's written a lot about alcoholism (and about addiction more generally) and I'm definitely learning a lot.  One thing that surprised me was:
I remember reading a study once saying that people who'd tried to quit smoking numerous times were actually more successful than people who tried to quit say, once or twice -- they were more familiar with the symptoms of withdrawal, for one thing, and knew better how to deal with them, and every time they quit, whether or not they returned to smoking, was actually almost like time counting towards when they were able to quit for good. They might've psychologically felt defeat at relapsing a number of times, but physiologically they were actually doing the right thing.
She says a lot of other smart things, so go read.
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