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[Sunday] EL morning service with Vivalidi's Gloria (and more detachment from Christianity on my part

Worship begins with the prelude.  As the music begins, please honor your neighbor in the pew by observing quiet as we prepare for the liturgy to begin.  We hope your time with us today will be meaningful.  Please return often to worhsip God with us.

There were lots more people than usual 'cause of the Gloria, so of course there was talking before the service.  I was okay with that, though.

Theme for Worship Today: Like our Good Shepherd who holds all people in love, the church is called to lead those who thirst to living waters.  At the communion table set before us, the shepherd who lays down his life for the lost gives himself to us in this sacred meal.  Here is a great promise: Christ leads us through the shadows and valleys of life.  He will neither abandon nor forsake us.  He is with us, now and forever.

I liked the music better this week than I did last week.
He Leadeth Me: Oh, Blessed Thought
Children of the Heavenly Father
I minded "We Who Once Were Dead" less than I did last week, and although I was unimpressed by "Alleluia! Jesus is Risen" last week, we did the first verse a couple times during the service today and I liked it.
Alleluia! Jesus is risen!  Trumpets resound in glorious light! 
Splendor the Lamb, heaven forever!  Oh, what a miracle God has in sight. 
Jesus is risen and we shall arise: Give God the glory, Alleluia!

Scripture Reading:
John 10:11-18
And the sung psalm was Psalm 23, natch.

Vivaldi's Gloria
The Church's Proclamation of the Word of God still resounds in our world today.  Sometimes it is set to music that lifts our hearts as we listen to the message being presented.  We hope that you enjoy's music and are moved by its message.

John wearing the nice shirt he wore to Thursday evening service the service before last, but with jeans.  Given that it was something of a big deal performance I was really surprised that he wasn't more dressed up.

The Gloria in excelsis was v. good.  The Et en terra pax sounded almost mournful, which was strange to me.  A lot of it was mellowish, though the Domine Fili Unigente was back to upbeat.

I took Communion because there were other people in my pew and I would have felt awkward just stepping aside.  I was gonna cross my arms over my chest to just get a blessing, but I couldn't remember if that was how it worked here or if that was just at the Orthodox church (All who believe that Jesus is present in the giving and receiving of the meal are welcome.  Those who have not yet received first Holy Communion may come forward for a blessing) so I just took Communion.  They had trays like at Protestant churches for the beverages (cups of both red wine and white grape juice) which I didn't remember from the last time I took Communion at the 8:45 service there.

Post-Communion Prayer:
O God of love, you bind us to yourself in this sacrament, and strengthen us through this meal for service to the world.  Guide us by your Spirit that we may forever witness to the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of life.
    I find this articulation of "binding" really intriguing.

During the service, I felt so much like I was physically present but had no investment in what was going on -- was so detached I didn't even care about engaging with whether the theology was true or not.  Thusly I wimped out of going to Bible Study.  I did say hello to the pastor on my way out, though, and initiated a hug with him.
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