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aesthetics & picnics

Part of yesterday's shopping trip was Victoria's Secret.  I haven't worn bras since I think 10th grade.  (For those of you keeping count, that's something like 7 years.)  Mostly I just want cleavage (nipple-minimizing is a bonus), and I had this delusion that I'd be able to find bras that basically mold to my body, cup my boobs from underneath, and have basic straps keeping them in place.  What I want seems not to exist, though (demi cups are more material than I had in mind -- okay, searching the online catalog, maybe this push-up bra? ... oh hey look, a strapless bra that comes in D-cup  P.S. Why does VS do its photoshoots like porn?).  I bought two that seemed promising, though, and I wore one of them today.  I keep wanting to readjust it 'cause the front band rubs against me funny and I feel like my boobs keep moving around.  Okay, it occurs to me later that my cleidocranial dysostosis might have something to do with the straps slipping, but still.  One of my original thoughts had been sports bras, which is clearly what I should try.  I half-suspect I'm gonna decide this is all too much, though, and go back to not wearing a bra, 'cause I don't have any physical discomfort involved in letting them hang (yes, despite being a 38D); it's just an aesthetic thing.

I also tried out my new sandals, except the weather changed its mind and the high was only ~65F.  Being out in the sun improved matters, though.  The interfaith picnic started ~12:30 and I stayed until the end ~3:30.  Attendees from Emmanuel Lutheran (Pastor Saling was in jeans like at Thursday evening service), First Congregational, Grace Episcopal (Kate was in jeans with a nice shirt and clerical collar), Church of Christ Scientist, and Temple Shaare Tefilah (I didn't officially meet the rabbi but have decided that I like her).  I initiated hugs with both John and Ed as we were leaving.  Weak hugs, though.  I miss real hugs.

I wanna get my hair cut.  Am thinking cut to my hairline at the back of my neck with some sort of chunky layering, maybe bangs?  I sort of have mental visuals of what I want but am so out of my depth when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Oh, did I mention that one of the issues with muchmaterial bras is v-neck tops?  I definitely wore one today and noticed in the bathroom mirror after dinner tonight that I've been kind of smooched by the sun.  Oops.

Dinner also included discussion amongst by parents about Veronica Mars.  Further reminders that my parents are teh awesomest.  I don't actually watch VMars, but I offered to open up a discussion post on my LJ.  Apparently they expect their questions to be resolved in the finale this Tuesday so I needn't.

Also, I kind of regret not getting the PBJ sundae at Friendly's -- black raspberry ice cream with peanut butter toppings. We'll probably go again when my brother comes back from college next weekend, though.

Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival at the MFA starts this Wednesday.  Meep.  I need to figure out exactly which ones I want to see (and which don't conflict with other commitments) and get myself a festival pass.

TV time now.
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