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"o my my"

I say that random older guys try to pick me up in Norwood but not in Boston, but really this isn't true. I think the numbers are about even now. Random pick-ups on the street are rarer in Boston, though. Not unheard of, however. This morning was my second one. I was passing the Garage and noticed this guy -- pink shirt and navy shorts, kinda crazy hair (reminded me of Richard, but paler), mid-30s maybe, stocky -- and then he starts walking with me, tells me I'm "a very beautiful girl" and introduces himself (Everett), so I give him my name (too caught offguard to lie) and hesitantly shake his outstretched hand. He asks me where I'm from. "The suburbs." "Where in the suburbs? Like, I'm from Agawam." "Oh, Southwest of Boston" (and somehow I gave him the name of the town as well -- by that point definitely wondering by if I should lie). "How long have you lived in Boston." "A few months" (a lie, but I was definitely not going to correct his misunderstanding of my living situation). blah blah he likes Boston. "Where are you going now? To work?" "Yeah." "Where do you work?" "Harvard Business School" (now definitely trying to think of where Security is located and where I could go to be safe from him ... I wasn't actually scared, but we know I'm Planning Girl; I later thought of the library portion of Baker, which one needs an HU ID to get into). "When do you get off work?" "Late" (lie #2; I was gonna say I was an RA if he pressed). He asks me about meeting somewhere after work. "No, sorry." And blessedly he left me at that point. I respect the initiative it takes to approach someone, but it unnerves me that it's always people who are significantly older than me (not that I have a problem with age gap relationships, there's just something a touch squicky about propositioning an obviously younger person you don't even know; note to skeevy older guys: calling someone a "girl" does not help).

[Yes, it's an hour later I'm getting this posted. Work intervened in the middle of the writing of this.]

Amanda nearly got killed by a speed cyclist this morning. She got off the bus, got waved to cross the street, and a speed cyclist blew by her; she cringed back and he was like an inch away. He yelled an apology and "the bus honked at him fiercely," but she was still feeling a bit traumatized when she got in.
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